World Baking Day 2015World Baking Day falls on 17th May and the lovely people at Stork are encouraging people to bake themselves happy by creating the world’s happiest cake. You see, the concept behind it is that baking makes you happy, de-stresses you and adds to your overall feeling of well-being. Therefore, if you bake a cake with the best ingredients and serve it up to your favourite people then you’ll end up with the happiest cake in the world!

Stork are asking people to choose someone for whom to make a cake and to get baking on 17th May to spread the happiness and I thought I’d blog all about my baking journey to share with you guys.

The person I’ve chosen to bake for is my Mother in Law, who we’ll call MIL for the purposes of this post! My MIL is genuinely one of the nicest people in the world. When I hear my friends moan about their in laws, I’m never able to join in because there’s nothing I can moan about. She’s the sort of person who’d help anybody if they needed her, she’s always there with a cuppa and a packet of Penguins if we need a shoulder to cry on and the girls, Sausage and Burrito Baby, absolutely adore her. She’s a proper Nan, feeding them up on biscuits when they go to her house having us over for fish and chips on a Saturday so we can all spend time together.

MIL is also one of those people who rarely takes time for herself, so Husband and I like to spoil her when we can, be it taking her for meals or just having her over to us for dinner and a film. She’s one in a million and absolutely deserves to be baked for on this special day.

MIL is fairly simple in her tastes, going for classics rather than fancy new flavours, so we’ve decided to honour her with a Victoria sponge cake, which is her favourite, and we’ll make is special by using fresh whipped cream for the filling, as well as using Stork instead of butter.  Victoria sponge should be super light and fluffy and Stork is a great way for ensuring it’ll turn out perfectly.

I’ll be reporting back after World Baking Day to show you how we got on and what MIL thought of her cake, so keep your eyes peeled for that. In the meantime if you’d like to get involved, or encourage your own blog readers to take part, you can visit the following pages for more information:

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