Buying a Family-Friendly Sofa

banner_1Believe it or not, Husband and I have never had a brand new sofa. When we were just starting out, back in 2006, we were given a suite by Husband’s sister which lasted us for a few years. Next, we found an amazing corner suite on Freecycle which someone was getting rid of and that lasted…well, about as long as it too for Sausage to learn to walk and use crayons! Next we bought a couple of leather reclining sofas from a friend of a family member, which we thought were a bargain but actually turned out to be terrible quality and fell apart, leaving us £300 out of pocket! By the time we had to replace the leather ones, we figured that buying brand new would be a false economy while we had two kids and a dog, but looking at the Newman and Bright website is giving me serious second thoughts!

If money were no object, I’d go for a full suite of Chesterfields, opting for the rich, classic leather and sturdy frame that would probably last for the next 100 years! Chesterfields last several lifetimes, so although the initial outlay is high, the longevity make them excellent value for money as you’d never need to buy another sofa for the rest of your life.

I also like the idea of going for another recliner. Settling down of an evening and flipping the footrest out felt like proper luxury, a real sign that you’d settled down for the evening and no more work would be being done. I also loved snuggling with Sausage when we had reclining sofas – sitting together for her evening bottle was always a pleasure when we had a comfy place to sit.

When you have a family, buying a new sofa usually means you have to choose for practicality rather than style, which can also mean that your choices are limited to less stylish models. However, leather allows you to choose from a number of styles and colours and still offers the hardiness that you need when considering paw prints and sticky toddler hands all over your new furniture. Leather looks stylish in almost any room and can be brightened up with bright cushions and throws, making it even more comfortable to sit on, too.

So, what sofas would you choose if money were no object? Is it anything like the sofa you have now? Did you choose something practical to make it last, or do you live cautiously around a pristine, light-coloured suite? Leave me a comment below and let me know!

4 thoughts on “Buying a Family-Friendly Sofa

  1. When you are going to buy a sofa, some things need to be keep in mind. Don’t look at only the stylish one sofas, remember the family friendly sofas are so important. I am totally agreed with you recliner sofa or family friendly sofa is good rather than a expensive sofa sets.

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