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My Weight Loss Journey

belly-2354_640I’ve written on this blog SO many times about how I need to lose weight, need to get fit, need to improve my lifestyle. In fact, I’ve written it so many bloody times that I’m bored of the same old self-motivating stuff that never really works and I’m not going to even link to any of the old posts here as they’re all bobbins.

Here’s the thing; over Christmas, I was really ill. The whole family was, in fact, BB and I spent about 70% of Christmas Day asleep on Husband’s Aunt’s sofa, so it was a pretty rubbish day for us, despite our family doing their best to cheer us up and make us feel better. I dragged us all back to the doctors on Boxing Day and the GP decided to send me for some tests as the illness had been lingering for a few weeks by this point and he thought I might have Glandular Fever (Mono, for anyone reading in the States). By the times the tests came back though, it became clear that GF wasn’t the issue. In fact, the reason I wasn’t getting better was that my other conditions (type 2 diabetes and an underactive thyroid) were being so poorly controlled that my immune system just wasn’t strong enough to fight off the germs.

I was sent away with an additional diabetes medication (alogliptin) to take alongside my metformin, my thyroxine dose was upped and I was also put on cholesterol medication (atorvastatin) as my cholesterol had crept up too. I was also advised that losing weight was something I needed to seriously consider. My GP drew a graph to show me what my current state of health was doing for me (which I’ve skillfully recreated in MS Paint…):
The straight line represents what my blood sugar control should have been like, in an ideal world, for the last 7 years. The squiggly line is an approximation of what my control has actually been like over that time period. The red striped area in between represents actual damage that has been done to my body in the time that my condition has been poorly controlled. For a diabetic, that translates to damage to the retinas, heart, kidneys and other organs, as well as reduced healing times and potential shortening of life in the long run.
That little graph scared the crap out of me. 
So, while in the past I’ve written posts containing platitudes about how I MUST lose weight and I WILL take control, this post is being written from a slightly different angle. You see, that was all about 8 weeks ago now and in that time, I’ve actually managed to lose 18lb already. There are two things which have been a great help, so far; My Fitness Pal, where I log every single thing I eat and keep track of how many calories I’ve consumed (I’m allowed 1610cal at the moment) and the Pedometer app on iPhone which I’ve been using to try to up my daily step total to 10,000. I’ve walked the school run instead of using the car and at least 2 days a week, I’ll walk a super long way home instead of coming straight back. A couple of small changes to my lifestyle and I’ve already made a huge difference.
Something about seeing the potential damage done to my organs, drawn crudely in a free biro from a drugs rep, on the back of a blank prescription has given me the kick up the butt that I so badly needed. I still have a long way to go; I need to lose another 40lbs to get anywhere near a healthy weight, but losing the first 18lb with such small effort has made me realise that it’s not as hard as it seems. My willpower has slipped once or twice, but instead of throwing the towel in like I have in the past, I’m moving past each minor blip and seeing it as reinforcement to my will to complete the journey.
Also, I need to up my exercise game – if anyone has any recommendations for home workouts which won’t make me keel over or run away screaming, I’d be super grateful for them!

6 thoughts on “My Weight Loss Journey

  1. I am very proud of your success! I know the feeling of achieving your weight loss goal because I’ve been in the process. I hope your story will inspire another women out there who thinks she cannot have a fabulous and great body. Best of luck!

  2. Weightloss is hard and will power can be hard to come by sometimes but it is getting back on the diet wagon that counts, sounds like you have the right attitude, well done on your loss so far #weightlowednesday

  3. What an awesome post! Well done on your 18lbs loss so far – you are totally right, small changes really do add up and look how far you have come in 8 weeks! It really does sound as if you are totally motivated at the moment, that graph is a proper wake up call… our bodies are amazing things and albeit we may think we are making a small difference… what we are doing is making a HUGE difference. Fab news about you getting back on track after a blip, not always easy but you have made a fantastic start. Like you, I am in it for the long haul – thanks for joining up with #WeightLossWednesday – we are there every week so feel free to join in any time! Sim xx

  4. Well, you’ve just inspired me! I’ve been telling myself (and my husband) for years how I need to eat better and lose the extra weight. I’ve been on and off Weight Watchers several times over the years, but couldn’t get myself to stick to it. I just signed up for MyFitness Pal! I purchased a Leslie Sansone “Walk Away the Pounds” DVD several years ago, and picked it up again the other day. Since I am completely out of shape, the 20 minute-1 mile walk, is all I can handle for now. It’s a good workout that uses weights with arm movements for a short period of time. She also uses balance and coordination moves, for an overall effective workout that won’t leave you completely exhausted afterward. The DVD I have, has 1, 2 and 3 mile walk routines, with a 4 mile challenge walk. I’ve only done the 1 and 2 mile walks. Good luck on your journey! Keep it up!

  5. Hi,

    I’ve just discovered your blog via Sim’s life’s linky. I think the previous commentator is totally right. Most of the battle is in the mind and once you have set your mind to it, like it seems you have, you have won most of the battle. After that it’s just slow gradual work towards a healthier lifestyle. Hope you’re feeling better already and your body is getting stronger to figth the germs. Exercise and green tea are great for achieving a better blood glucose control 🙂

  6. Wow, you’ve done so well! Its funny isn’t it, how sometimes, just something which seems so small can have such a massive affect on us? We know the damage being overweight can do, but sometimes we need a bit of a wake up call! I think 90% of the weight loss battle is in the mind, and once you have that nailed then its totally achievable!

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