Braun Thermoscan 7When Sausage was born, we were given a Braun thermometer by a relative and it has been an absolute godsend at times, helping us to monitor her temperature closely through various ear infections and other illnesses. So when Braun asked if we’d like to try the Thermoscan 7, the updated version of their classic in-ear thermometer, we jumped at the chance.

One thing that I didn’t realise until we got the Thermoscan 7 was that children of different ages are considered intemperate at different thresholds, so what might be considered okay for Sausage would actually be feverish for Burrito Baby. That’s where the Thermoscan comes into its own, as it has a button which allows you to choose the age of the person whose temperature you’re taking.

What makes the Thermoscan 7 even easier to use is that it has a colour-coding system, like traffic lights; red, amber and green let you know if your child is feverish, on the rise, or normal. When you’re taking a temperature at 2am and struggling to keep your eyes open, the colour coding system is truly wonderful and can save you a lot of brain-ache!

I also love the fact that the Thermoscan 7 has latex and BPA-free disposable covers. Aside from the fact that I have a latex allergy,┬áit’s great to be able to keep the thermometer properly hygienic when using it on two children, especially when they both seem prone to ear infections.

All four of us have been poorly on and off since before Christmas, so the Thermoscan 7 has had a serious workout and we’ve used it alongside our original Braun thermometer to give us a baseline for accuracy. It’s been absolutely on the ball every single time and knowing that we have accurate readings for both girls, as well as a clear guide on how their temperatures are for their ages, has been a real comfort. No one likes it when their kids are ill, but having two ill over Christmas with Husband and I also poorly and trying to care for them was nothing short of a challenge and the Braun Thermoscan 7 just made our lives that much easier.

I’d definitely recommend the Braun Thermoscan range, and I’d really like to try the no-touch version, which allows you to take temperature without putting anything in the childs’ ear; ┬áimagine how much easier it would be to take their temperature while they’re asleep?!

Have you used a Braun thermometer? Leave me a comment below with your thoughts on the range.