cooking with kidsSausage is a massive fan of cooking. We’ve baked together since she was tiny and she absolutely loves being ‘sous chef’ for Husband or I when we’re cooking a meal. Since the weather has been chillier, we’ve been eating stews and casseroles more often and she loves being on hand to chuck everything in the saucepan for me, or help with peeling duties and she’s a dab-hand with a speed peeler these days. She’s a bright kid with a lot of ambition and just lately she’s talked a lot about wanting to be a chef – Husband, who worked in the pub industry for years before becoming a writer, has warned her of the long, antisocial hours, but she still seems keen!

One thing that Sausage is very good at is recognising ingredients – Husband and I have made it our mission since she was born to introduce her to as many foods as possible and as a result she has a very diverse palate. In fact, the only thing I can think of that she really doesn’t like is Brussels sprouts, and lets face it, they’re the Marmite of vegetables!

Wholegrain Goodness, a non-profit organisation for the promotion of healthy wholegrains, have released this fun video that features six kids who were set the task of cooking a healthy pizza recipe:

The video features a Wholegrain Goodness recipe: Vegetable & Salsa Verde Scone Pizza – with just 451 calories per serving, as well as two portions of wholegrain and three of your 5 A Day.

We’re currently on a bit of a health kick in the Mum’s the Word house, with me trying to lose a significant amount of weight and all of us trying to improve what we eat – less processed meat, less bread and less refined sugars, so the pizza in the video looks like a great way to cover all of those bases in one meal! I also reckon the base they’ve used would work well with sweet toppings too, for a treat – banana and chocolate, anyone?!

You can also order a recipe booklet with surprisingly good, healthy recipes for the whole family.

Find all you need to know about wholegrain, oats and rapeseed oil, including recipes and nutritional information at – an independent, not-for-profit campaign launched by HGCA.