537335_10151992666836308_722322202_nArea rugs are a great option when carpeting a room. They are practical because they provide the soft surface that you are looking for on your floor but they also add warmth, cushioning and an artistic value. The size of an area rug matters and the desired size really varies from room to room depending on what effect a person is looking for. A different sized rug is needed for a dining area while a certain shape should be used under a coffee table or in a foyer. Stores typically only offer very traditional sized rugs so many people are left wondering: “Can I buy unusual sized rugs online”? Luckily the internet offers all different types and sizes of area rugs so anything a person is looking to purchase can usually be found along with the style and color they are looking for.

Dining Room

When choosing a rug for a dining room area the size should be perfect so that the rug itself extends beyond the back of each chair while it is pulled out with someone sitting at the table. Most commonly you will find an 8 foot by 10 foot area rug is appropriate for this area of the home. Tables are made differently though so it is always best to pull out the chairs and then measure the area.

Living Room

Typically when you place an area rug in your living room it is to create space in the middle of the floor so you can sit on the floor in order to do some activities. This space can be a bit more forgiving when it comes to size and you can usually arrange your furniture around the size of the rug you choose. You may also want to place another area rug underneath your coffee table or near a door.


An area rug can be a great way to tie in all of the decorative aspects of a bedroom. An area rug can be placed in front of a large dresser or at the foot of the bed. These spaces will dictate the size of the rug that you will need to buy.


The kitchen can benefit from a rug underneath a small eating area that you have. Also, many people place a small rug near their sink or food preparation area but it is more comfortable to stand in these areas when you are on a padded surface. You can usually be a bit more lenient with the size that you need and most websites will have something that you can use.

Hallways and Foyers

These areas vary greatly from home to home so it is always wise to measure a number of times before ordering an area rug. There should be a good amount of space around the border of the area rug; at least 3 to 4 inches. The décor of these areas of the home tend to be simple so you can really add some flare to your home with a unique area rug in the foyer or hall.

Before purchasing a rug of any size you will want to make sure the size you are choosing is going to fit your space properly. It is always best to measure twice and then you can order online in order to get the size and the style that you are looking for. You want to make the most of your space and shopping from a website such as The Rug Seller is a great alternative to scouring the stores in your area for something that you may never even find.