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Creative Ways to Announce a Pregnancy

Before any of my friends and family has a heart attack, let me just say, this is NOT a creative way for ME to announce a pregnancy – BB is one next week and we’re pretty resolute that two is enough for us! However, there are some pretty cute and creative ways to announce a pregnancy and I’ve been trawling through the internet (mostly Pinterest, obvs…) so that I can share my favourites with you, to celebrate the launch of M&S Baby, a new one-stop-shop for everything your newborn will need, available across six stores nationwide, or online.

Husband and I were fairly low-key in our announcement of both pregnancies. With Sausage and BB, we told our friends and family right away, ignoring the 3-month rule, and opting for the usual scan photo on Facebook. However, there are far more interesting ways to do things, as the following examples show…


Although I’m not much of a drinker, I love the humour in the card above and know a fair few people who this would suit perfectly!


Husband and I are both great lovers of cinema and the movie-poster style announcement really appeals to this side of my personality. I also love the fact that the people who made it used a poster from a film that’s totally non-baby related as it makes you look twice before you realise what it means!


I saw a whole bunch of chalkboard announcements whilst looking online, but I think this is my absolute favourite. Who doesn’t love a set of gorgeously chubby toddler legs?!pitter_patter_babyfeet_1200x800

This photo is so beautifully simple; no words are needed to explain that this couple is having a baby girl and I love the way they’ve used the beach as a setting for the photo, so that it’s not just a random photo of feet!


This is another one that I would have loved to have done for Husband as we’re both fans of Scrabble!


I love the idea of getting an older sibling involved in the announcements. Husband and I took Sausage to some of BB’s scans, including the one where we found out that we’d be having a girl, so it’s lovely to see people getting kids involved in the ups and downs of pregnancy and sharing the joy right from the beginning.

Did you announce your pregnancy in a creative way? We’d love to hear about it. so do leave me a comment below.

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