Sicily on a Budget for Family with Children

Sicily is widely known as a hotspot for romantic getaways, but it is also a nice place to take a family vacation. The island is very accessible to get around and has many activities that are family friendly as well as relaxing for even children. One way of making travel around the island easier is hiring a car in Sicily and driving to each destination. This will save you on time and most importantly money. There are also great budget accommodations around the island such as bed and breakfasts to quaint inns, which will make your family vacation that much easier and less stressful. Here is a quick guide on some of the best activities you can do that are fun for the entire family and most importantly, will keep the kids happy and occupied.Tempio di Apollo, Siracusa

In the cities there are some great museums and exhibits that are fun and educational for the whole family. In Palermo, there is even a children’s town with many fun activities. You can find For a more nature driven experience, try taking the family on a guided tour of Mt. Etna or other volcanic sites. Kids will surely be in awe of the power and site of an active volcano. On Mt. Etna there is even a cable car that takes you over the flowing lava and active zones. There are even various mud baths around Sicily where the whole family can have a blast being covered in natural clay! For more educational and fun trips, kids and adults alike will enjoy exploring some of the Ancient Greek temples or other ruins around the island. Syracuse has some of the best preserved temples in the world making it a fun and memorable adventure for the whole family.

Au sommet de l'Etna, volcan en activité en SicileIf you are visiting during the summer months there are some wonderful nature parks and water parks in Sicily. On a hot day there is nothing better than to go to one of the water parks such as Etnaland near Catania or Acqua Isola Verde Park near Cefalu. The whole family can let loose and have fun at any of these awesome parks which also enjoy some incredible views. In the town of Monreale you can split the day in half. One half can befor the adults to see the amazing cathedral and the other for the kids to go to the nearby waterpark. No matter where you go Sicily is filled with fun activities for the entire family. Whether you are on top of a volcano or walking amongst ancient ruins, everyone can find something they like.

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