Oh You Pretty Things #1 – Christmas Presents

Two of my favourite ever bloggers, Sonya at The Ramblings of a Formerly Rock ‘n’ Roll Mum and Mary from Keynko, have teamed up and started a new weekly linky where they ask us to show them our stuff. No, I don’t mean rude stuff, get your minds out of the gutters! They’re asking to see our wotsits, our knick-knacks, our…okay, this isn’t sounding any less rude, is it?!

They’ve kicked off their first ever ‘Oh You Pretty Things’ with an easy one, and they want to see our Christmas pressies. Given the fact that they’re a pair of old-school vintage lovers, I thought they might like to see my very amazing, best Christmas present ever, bought for me by my Husband.

Yes, my friends. That is a Teddy flippin’ Ruxpin.

After hearing me talk for years about how I wanted one as a kid and never got one, Husband got himself on eBay just before Christmas and managed to find a fully-working Teddy Ruxpin to tell me stories and give me vintage 1980’s-style hugs.

It may sound silly to get a talking teddy at the age of 30 but when I was little, my cousin Joe had one and I genuinely remember thinking that it was the most wonderful, truly magical thing I’d ever seen. Listening to Teddy’s stories transports me back to being 5 years old, sipping juice with Joe, and imagining the adventures that Teddy describes was probably the most innocent time of my life.

Since Christmas, the girls and I have sat and listened to Teddy telling us all about his adventures in his airship, but I have to admit to having been a little bit precious about not letting the girls touch him if their hands are dirty! Because this is an American Teddy Ruxpin, he runs on little cartridges rather than the conventional tapes that the UK models had, but I’ve seen a few on eBay and I may well invest when I’ve got some cash as it would be lovely to have a collection of stories.

So, there you have it, my first link up to ‘Oh You Pretty Things’! What do you think? What was your favourite Christmas pressie? Did you have a Teddy Ruxpin? Leave me a comment below.

3 thoughts on “Oh You Pretty Things #1 – Christmas Presents

  1. I love that he went to so much trouble to make your childhood dream come true – do you reckon he can get me Adam Ant for next Xmas? Thank you SO much for joining in 🙂 xx

  2. What a wonderful present! Those childhood desires never really leave us do they! I always wanted the board game Mousetrap & and never got it! I still hunt charity shops in the hope that one day it will be mine!! Thanks you for joining in darling x x x

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