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eNail Mail Order Nail Polish – Review and Giveaway

When one of my lovely friends asked if I would like to review Enail, the mail order service for personalised nail polish, I jumped at the chance! If you’ve ever watched this vlog, you’ll know I’m a bit of an addict and it just so happens that Sausage has taken after Mummy and developed a penchant for nail polish all of her own.

Enail is a website which allows you to choose from a range of colours, place them into a gift box of your choice and even put a personalised message on the bottle in your favourite font. You can choose to make the choices yourself or gift a voucher code to your giftee to create their own. Sausage and I set about making our choices and found the website super easy to use, with a really nice range of colours to choose from.

Screenshot from 2014-12-04 16:59:06enail online nail polish giftsSausage and I had no trouble finding three colours we liked – in fact we struggled to narrow it down to just three! We went for three glitters – with Christmas coming up, you just can’t beat a bit of sparkle – in fact Sausage and I agreed that for less than £20, eNail would make an amazing Christmas present, especially for someone who you might not get to see over the Festive period.

One the nail varnishes arrived, we were both really impressed with not only the quality of the polish but also the packaging. We went for the leopard print box with a turquoise bow, which Sausage immediately claimed for herself to re-purpose at a later date and being the super kind mother that I am, I let her have it *grumble grumble*.

The colours we chose were a very Frozen-inspired blue, a glittery pink (naturally…) and a dark maroon/purply colour, all glittery and glam. eNail also send a free clear nail polish to be used as a base coat or top coat, which can be super useful for using under strong colours which might stain your nails, or even over the top for an added layer of strength and longevity. Sausage insisted upon having her nails painted with ALL of the colours immediately and we were both pleased to see that the polishes went on nicely, giving even coverage and were of a high quality.

All in all, both Sausage and myself were really impressed with eNail, the ease of use of their site, the speed with which the products arrived, the packaging and the quality and selection of nail polishes available. It’s a service we’d highly recommend and will definitely be using it again in the future.

eNail have been kind enough to give Mum’s the Word a set of polishes to give to our readers, so to be in with a chance of winning, just leave us a comment below telling us what your favourite Christmas song is. You can also earn a bonus entry by subscribing to Mum’s the Word using the box in the sidebar. Good luck! 

Giveaway starts at 11am on Tuesday 9th December and ends at 11am on Monday 15th December. Winners will be sent a code to use on the eNail site to the value of £19.95 and can choose their own polishes and gift options. No cash equivalent will be offered. 

Are Parenting Standards Slipping?

“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.”  ― Franklin D. RooseveltWhen it comes to parenting, for me there are two sets of things that kids need to learn: The Basics and The Big Stuff. The Big Stuff is stuff which only tends to come along once, maybe twice, like teaching kids about The Birds and the Bees, helping them to understand prejudice in society – you know, real ‘putting them on the right path’ type stuff which will help to mould them into worthwhile human beings. Then there’s ‘The Basics’. Stuff like putting your hand over your mouth when you cough or sneeze, how to brush your teeth and use a knife and fork, how to wipe your bum – all of the stuff that they’ll probably need every day for the rest of their lives.

Depending on your parenting style, you might include other things in The Basics. Husband thinks its hugely important for kids to learn how to use a knife as a tool, for instance. Okay, so the likelihood of them finding themselves alone in the wilderness, Ed Stafford-style, isn’t huge but basic survival skills can really set a foundation for kids and instil an important sense of resourcefulness in them from an early age.

Over the years though, I’ve noticed more and more that basic standards seem to be slipping. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect to see kids getting neatly pressed and folded cotton handkerchiefs out of their pockets if they need to sneeze, but even a hand over the mouth would be better than nothing, and that’s what I seem to see – nothing. Kids cough, sneeze and splutter in public with not to much as a hand raise or snot being suppressed.

There’s a particular thing I’ve been seeing for the past few years which appears to be a bit of a ‘trend’, and I don’t know if this is my age talking, but it completely boggles my mind. It seems to be normal these days for boys and young men to walk along…with their hands down their pants! When I first started noticing it, it was usually a one-handed grab, but now I regularly see blokes with BOTH hands down there, just casually walking around like it.

My first thought was “If they fall over, they’re going to smash their faces in because they’ll have nothing to break their fall”, and then it dawned on me that there’s a very good chance that these boys are actually holding their junk. I mean, really? It’s not going to fall off if you don’t hold it all day!

The thing which really compounded the horror for me was seeing a poster up in my local surgery, which had been ISSUED BY THE NHS, reminding blokes that if they walk around with their hands down their pants (I believe the headline was “Are You a ‘Hands-Down-Your-Pants Kinda Guy?”) that they need to wash their hands more often otherwise they could be spreading urine and groin germs every time they touch something.

I mean, really?! Maybe if their parents had done a better job of teaching them more about germs, not to mention BASIC LEVELS OF APPROPRIATE PUBLIC BEHAVIOUR, they wouldn’t do it? When I was a kid, if we’d seen a grown man walking around with his hands down the front of his trousers, I’d have run home and told my parents that there was a pervert prowling the streets.

So, why do standards appear to have slipped? Are parents failing to teach their kids The Basics? What do you think, readers? Have you noticed a slip in basic standards? Do you have a personal bugbear, something you see that drives you potty? Do let me know.

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The Best Christmas Jumpers for the Whole Family

With Christmas just three weeks away, our thoughts have been turning to all things festive. This time last year, I was MASSIVELY pregnant with Burrito Baby and fashion was the last thing on my mind. This year, however, I’ve decided that a Christmas jumper is high on my list of wants, and Sausage has decided that she agrees, so we’ve been spending a lot of time looking around the internet for festive knitwear and we though we’d share our favourites with you!

Do let me know what you think of our choices or if you’ll be getting wrapped in some seasonal sweaters yourself.

Men's Christmas Jumpers


Women's Christmas Jumpers


Boxy sweater

Jumper top

Short sleeve tee

Red sweater

Jumper top


Christmas Sweater

Kids and Babies Christmas Jumpers



Thank You, National Lottery

I remember the first time the National Lottery was on the TV really well. I was ten years old and my Dad and I were visiting my Nan and Grandad at their new house in Lowestoft. My Dad let me choose my own numbers and paid for me to get a ticket. Sadly, I didn’t win anything but since that day, the Lottery has become a bit of a British institution, evolving to include a Wednesday draw, as well as EuroMillions, scratchcards and all of the rest of it.

The National Lottery Good Causes Fund was also founded 20 years ago and in that time has funded an number of amazing projects, as the infographic below shows (visit World Lottery Club to see more good causes which have been helped by the Lottery):

It’s incredible to think that £32 billion has been donated to good causes over the last 2 decades. Locally to me, a huge sum of £890k was donated to a project which helps children who are growing up in difficult family circumstances. Family Action Chief Executive Helen Dent said: “Our new partnership Stronger Families, Future Communities, is great news for children and families in Southend-on-Sea and we’re looking forward to working with a range of organisations to support children and parents in the area. This service will build on Family Action’s outstanding children’s centre and family support in Southend-on-Sea and we’re grateful for the opportunity the Big Lottery Fund has given us to make a real difference improving children’s futures.”

On thing which did surprise me was that half of all Lottery winners actually return to work. Pretty much everyone I’ve ever played the “what would you do if you won?” game with has said “give up work” before anything else, so finding out that such a high percentage actually return to work was not something I had expected.

What would you do if you won the lottery? Do you have any fab, lottery funded projects near you? Do leave me a comment below.

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Win a BMW Ride-On/Push Toy Car in Time for Christmas!

1000x1000The awesome folk at BMW Servicing have offered Mum’s the Word readers the chance to win a gorgeous BMW Genuine Baby Racer II M3 kids ride-on/push toy car, just in time for Christmas! Here’s some info about this amazing prize, worth over £75!

The BMW M3 Baby Racer is as sporty as the original – from the rear spoiler to the horn. Numerous details such as the M steering wheel, speedometer, rev counter as well as temperature and fuel gauges ensure that young drivers can experience a very grown-up M feeling. With near-silent rubber tyres and BMW M logo. TUV-approved. Suitable for ages 1 1/2 to 3. Dimensions (L x W x H): 70.5 x 32.5 x 40 cm. Wheelbase: 44 cm. Weight: 4.5 kg.

To be in with a chance of winning, just complete the Rafflecopter widget below!

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