Social Media Trends For Bridal Bouquets

bridal flowersIt used to be that brides would plan for their wedding in groups of girls over champagne and wondering where the trends were going next in the pages of a bridal magazine. Now it all happens online. Bouquet trends for brides are as up to the minute as possible because of the Internet and sites like Pinterest.

Years ago, brides mightn’t have identified that the right kind of bouquet design calls for peonies in the place of dahlias. They would also have no idea of the rising acceptance of palm fronds used in the place of ribbons – but thanks to the internet it’s all available instantly. Now brides can look at their favourite celebrity magazine and cherry pick the bouquet arrangement that they most feel suits their style and then ask that it be replicated for their use on their big day.

Trends are also following quickly and there’s a lot of innovation being used by brides who are up to the minute fashionable thanks to Instagram and Pinterest sites making sharing available. You could see spring inspiration in winter thanks to the hemisphere difference in climate, so you can get your bouquet locked in months in advance to ensure you know what’s happening.

Just as an example, this summer a freshly picked and wild arrangement-style was all the rage as seen on social media. We saw brides walking down the aisle with everything from branches and leaves to brightly coloured and lit from within bouquet arrangements – all sourced from social media for the all the rage stuff.

Plus, we saw a cross over from things like bouquet design feeding into the design for the rooms for receptions, with decorative elements like black lighting and centrepiece lanterns weaved around a wildflower arrangement. It was totally possible for brides to work with designers to deliver the outdoors into the inside for their reception, and the results were often stunning. And you guessed it – the whole time any new developments were being blogged about and trended online.

Plus, as times change and seasons shift, so too do brides get onto the next trend as soon as it happens. There’s no limit to what can be achieved with just some brilliant interior lighting and clever floral choices, and you can achieve awesome effects with just a couple of tweaks here and there. Watching favourite style icons online and subscribing to bridal blogs is a great way to stay up to date with everything bridal as it happens.

In terms of innovation, brides have been using everything from eucalyptus to berries, and from succulents to ferns nothing is off limits! People are sourcing images and ideas online and then asking the same of their florist for the wedding. Classic options from the professional florists such as Fresh Flowers will never go out of fashion completely, though there is a lot of wiggle room opening up. For example, trends have seen dahlias and flowers in gold, and chrysanthemums and red blooms making their way into the traditional white domain.

Just as summer brides have blended and matched refined white flowers with delicate green hydrangeas to add coolness and depth to their bouquets, the identical distinctive design in shades of oranges and reds goes a long way to providing warmth to receptions and fall events. Fiddlehead ferns and fall leaves will add depth and shade to any event and have been seen on social media being used to great effect across the world.

With social media you have an endless source of inspiration and trends to follow, so get out there and check what’s happening and use it for yourself!

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