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Ebay Christmas 2014There’s nothing better than the joy of giving the perfect gift. This year, set out to spread a little Christmas magic across the Britain. For me, a perfect gift isn’t necessarily something shiny and new, it’s something where a lot of thought has been put into it.

This Christmas, my wonderful Husband, who is amazing at buying gifts remembered me mentioning a toy that I really wanted when I was a kid and never got, and has managed to source a fully working version through eBay. When he told me what it was (he may be an incredible gift giver but he’s rubbish at keeping secrets!) I burst into tears – not the sort of reaction you’d get from a random bit of bling and a true sign that he’d put an amazing amount of thought into things.

Every hour 85 games consoles, 53 bikes, 258 smartphones, 99 tablets, 5 teddy bears, 57 board games and 146 sets of Christmas lights are sold on The present that Husband has bought me would probably have been impossible, or at least a whole lot harder, to track down if it weren’t for eBay and I’m sure there have been millions of other treasures bought and sold to the delight of many.

eBay has created a lovely short film to illustrate the magic of giving the perfect gift, which you can watch below:

There’s not much that’s better than seeing the look on someone’s face when they open a gift that you’ve put a lot of thought into and they absolutely love. I wish I was a better gift buyer (and had a bigger budget!) but Husband is actually pretty tricky to buy for so I’m always flapping when it comes to coming up with gift ideas for him. Maybe this year I’ll manage to come up with the perfect thing.

Find your loved ones the perfect gift at  or Tweet a hint of what you’d like for Christmas with the hashtag #ebaychristmas

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