Telescope_by_vladstudioOur Sausage is a unique little pickle with widely varying interests. She’s just as happy playing with her Barbies as she is watching documentaries with her Dad, or surfing Wikipedia to learn something new. As well as the usual toys and games that she’s got on her Christmas list, Husband and I like to think outside the box and buy her gifts which are slightly different and encourage her imagination in some way. I thought I’d share a few of our ideas, just in case you’re keen to buy something a little unusual for your quirky kid.

A Microscope

Sausage is super inquisitive and loves learning, and we¬†thought a microscope would be a brilliant present to encourage her thirst for knowledge. There are some great kids sets available and we can’t wait to see her reaction when she sees how different things can look when she sees them under a lens.

A Telescope

Looking at small things is fun, but looking out into the Galaxy is just as, if not, even more stimulating so we’re hoping Sausage will love a telescope. She’s already fascinated by the Planets and knows all of their names and order from the sun, and the recent landing of a probe on a comet has been a huge source of interest for her, so this will hopefully expand upon that.

A Chemistry Set

Just recently, Sausage and her Dad did the ‘bicarb and vinegar’ volcano experiment and despite the fact that I’m (and I’m not even kidding when I say this…) still cleaning stains off of my ceiling, the look on Sausage’s face when she saw the chemical reaction was utterly priceless, so a chemistry set could be just the thing to nurture her interest in science.

A Penknife

Husband and I are passionate about teaching kids knife skills, rather than keeping them away from anything vaguely sharp and with proper instruction, knowing how to use a Swiss Army Knife is a really important life skill. She already owns her own fire steel and know how to use it to start a fire, and while we’re not expecting to have to survive in the wilderness any time soon, knowing how to is super important, especially when most people can’t even cope without a TV and a Co-Op on the corner of their road.


When I was a kid, books were a staple part of our Christmas stash but people don’t seem to do this any more, favouring battery operated whatsits with bells and whistles attached. Sausage is an avid reader and uses both a Nook and real books – her library card gets a regular bashing! We’re currently looking for a full set of Horrible Histories books for her and there’ll be a few ‘lighter’ reads too – she’s favouring anything mermaid or fairy related at the moment!

So there you have it. Will you be buying any of the things on my list? Have any suggestions? Let me know!