Thorntons Chocolate Hampers

53768If there’s one thing I love about Christmas, it’s the chance to enjoy nice things with the people I love. Last year, I was 7 months pregnant with BB and in the grips of insulin-dependant type II diabetes, so treating myself was really difficult and I struggled with keeping my morale up while everyone around me was digging in to the Festive fayre! Luckily, my Husband is a resourceful soul and discovered that Thorntons Hampers actually come in a low sugar variety, which really cheered me up.

This year, although I’m still diabetic, I’m no longer dependent on insulin and no longer pregnant so a little indulgence here and there won’t be a problem. One of my favourite things at Christmastime, apart from all of the chocolate, is Christmas pudding – last year it was well and truly off the menu for me, so Husband bought one and put it away until March when we shared it with lashings of double cream – heaven!

Christmas is going to be extra exciting for us this year – obviously, the fact that I’m not pregnant anymore is a bonus and I’ll be enjoying a little tipple, but mainly because it’s BB’s first Christmas. Sausage is already planning what she wants to buy her little sister for Christmas and we’re sticking to our tradition of making new decorations for the tree by making handprint snowflakes from both of the girls hands. On Christmas Eve, we’re going to the O2 to see Disney on Ice and on Christmas day, we’ll be out of the house, celebrating with family, so we’ve got a pretty full schedule over the festive period.

We like to spend at least one day at home – it always seems mean giving kids a bundle of new toys and then dragging them straight out of the house for two days, depriving them of the chance to play with things, so our day at home usually means yummy canapes, Lego building and chilling with the pooch.

Chocolate makes a fantastic gift, too. This year,¬†we’ve all decided that we’ll just buy presents for the kids and just get little token gifts for the adults, and I think chocolate would make a great gift. It’d probably work out to be excellent value if I were to buy a Thorntons hamper and split it up to give as presents to people and I know for a fact that the grown-ups in our family all have a sweet tooth.

Do have a look at the Thorntons page and let me know which hamper you’d choose if you could – you may well give me some choc-spiration!

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