As a parent, dealing with an ill child is always tricky. Being unable to help them when they’ve got the sniffles can be heartbreaking, especially when they’re still tiny – you can’t explain to them why they’re unable to breathe and suck at the same time, and they can’t tell you when and where they’re hurting. Recently we were sent a few products by Dentinox, designed to deal specifically with the symptoms of colds which can make babies so miserable and they couldn’t have come at a better time.

BB has been teething for what seems like an unfeasibly long time and as with a lot of babies, she’s been getting gradually more snotty and miserable as the teeth are closer to emerging. Just a couple of nights ago, she was unable to breathe through her nose but dog-tired and therefore wanting to suck a dummy to soothe herself to sleep. Obviously, sucking a dummy when your nose is blocked is nigh-on impossible so we ended up with a very cross, very sleepy baby. That is, until I remembered our stash of goodies.

332500Now, let me just say, if you’d have ever told me that I’d be sucking the snot out of my baby’s nose, I’d have laughed in your face (and quite possibly have gagged, too), but this little device is AMAZING. The Snufflebabe Nasal Aspirator was awarded the Queen’s Award for Outstanding Innovation is a simple and instant solution to clearing baby nasal congestion from birth. There’s a filter in the middle so you get maximum suction without the mucus ever actually reaching you and it really helped with BB’s congestion.

downloadOnce we’d done the snot-sucking, we gave BB her Snufflebabe Inhaler dummy, which has a really clever compartment into which you can drop a special vapour oil. Baby can suck the dummy for comfort while the vapours from the oil ease congestion. This really helped BB to get off to sleep and stay snuffle-free long enough to get a good nights sleep.

332496On a couple of occasions, BB seemed to be in too much pain to settle so we resorted to giving her some infant paracetamol. Now, given the fact that our child drinks dairy-free formula milk which tastes like raw potato juice (seriously. It’s grim), you’d think that the sugary wonder that is infant paracetamol would taste like nectar in comparison, but no. So distressed by medicine is BB that she tends to act a little bit like Mummy is water-boarding her. That’s where the Dentinox Medicine Dispenser comes in, a dummy shaped contraption which allows you to load the correct amount of medicine for the baby to then suck out. Let me tell you, honestly, I almost wept with joy when I didn’t have to wrestle with BB to get her to take some medicine.

All in all, the few quid that these products would cost are well worth the outlay, not just for the relief they offer baby, but also the sanity that they give to parents during stressful times. BB’s teething snuffles were made exponentially less uncomfortable by the products and Husband and I felt so much better able to help her, knowing we had several new weapons in our arsenal. While I may have never considered the possibility of sucking the snot out of my baby, I’m so glad I gave it a try!