A little while back, the people at Principality Building Society sent us a great little bundle of craft materials and asked Sausage to use them to create a rendering of her ‘dream home’. Well, no one has an imagination quite as vivid as my biggest baby so I knew she’d be well and truly up to the challenge and I was not wrong!

She started by making a list of all the things that she wanted to include and then did a basic sketch to mark out where everything would go.

Sausage's Dream House

We did our best to include everything and some ideas evolved as they went along, but I think Sausage (with a little help from Mummy!) did an amazing job…

Sausage's Dream Home

The house, as you can see, has a giant waterslide instead of a staircase and the roof is made of glass so that Sausage can observe the sealife from the comfort of her home. She opted for a seaweed garden so that baby fish have a safe place to feed and she decided that the outside of her home should be multicoloured so that it looks like part of the coral reef.

I think you’ll agree that Sausage has done an amazing job of designing and creating her dream home and I can’t wait until she’s older and incredibly wealthy so that she can build the house and her Dad and I can visit!

Principality have created a great little video, asking kids what their dream home would look like, which you can see below:

What would your dream house look like?