Having a six year old and a seven month old in the house really brings certain things into sharp focus. Having BB made Sausage seem suddenly so grown up and independant – on the one hand, I’ve got a daughter who needs me to fulfil her every need and on the other I’ve got a daughter who wants to tie her own shoelaces and ever so occasionally treats me to her own unique brand of sass! BB is just starting to get her teeth while Sausage is just starting to lose hers and the juxtaposition is all too stark a reminder of just how quickly they grow.

It only seems like yesterday that Husband and I were umming and ahhing over whether Sausage needed to go to nursery and now she’s in Year 2 and schooling me on the Great Fire of London! I’m not wishing to go back to when she was small as I’ve enjoyed every stage of her development, but I wish I could just slow it all down for a while.

Fairy has produced a beautiful (if a little tear-jerking!) video reminding us that our kids grow all too fast and that they’ll never be as soft again as they are right at this moment and I challenge you to watch it without getting even the tiniest lump in your throat:

Husband and I have so many wonderful memories already, accumulated in the six short years since Sausage was born and we can often be found, after the girls are asleep, looking through the thousands of photos we have on our hard-drives. It’s hard to believe that the baby in her incubator, covered in tubes and wires, has grown up to be the clever, strong-willed little lady that she is today or that six whole years have passed since then, or even that we’ve managed to make another stubborn baby girl in that time!

 And yet, when I think about everything that we have done in that time, it makes me excited about what’s in store for us over the next few years. I’m not sure we’ll be making any more little people in that time but we’re finally finding our feet as a family of four rather than a family of three and there’s so much fun to be had for all of us! BB said her first word today, or at least a very close approximation of ‘Mum’, and her big sister was right next to her cheering her on. They absolutely adore each other and I cannot wait to see their relationship bloom as they get older.

So, you see, as much as I scares the life out of me when I think about how quickly time has passed, it doesn’t have to be all bad, especially if you think about what the future has in store…but I’ll still give both girls an extra squeeze before bed tonight.