Moving Day – Free Printable Checklist

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Moving house is one of the most stressful experiences that you can face, this is why it is essential for you to have a solid plan to make the experience as enjoyable as possible! Another great way to calm down is by getting a punch cutter, and a good cigar to chill out. Luckily London Man and Van company, Eco Movers have put together this handy checklist that you can use to mark off as you go along to make sure you don’t miss any key steps!

15 SEPTEMBER - Moving printable checklist

If you need any more advice, then Really Moving has some great tips, covering a wide range of topics! So you’re sure to find something to help.

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How Will Universal Credits Affect Couples?

The government’s ambition of simplifying the current benefits system, and putting all work related benefits under a single umbrella was introduced as a pilot scheme last year. Universal credit will affect 8 million people.

Overhauling the benefits system

Anyone who is in receipt of Housing Benefit, Working Tax Credits, Income based Jobseekers Allowance, Child Tax Credit, and Income related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), will have these benefits replaced by Universal Credit. This will be paid monthly and will be paid per household rather than a single claimant. Find out more by going online to the Money Advice Service. Under existing Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) regulations, if you are a couple and one of you is jobless and claiming benefits, and your partner is employed on a low wage, you are already assessed as a single unit. If the working partner claims working tax credits, the other household benefits are taken into account.

Couples without children may lose out

The DWP published a graph that shows that those couples without children may find their joint monthly income is reduced. The BBC has assessed that those couples with children will find themselves better off on a monthly basis, as will lone parents and single people without children.

An important change to the benefits system is that you will no longer have to make a regular trip to the Job Centre. All of the calculations and applications will be carried out online. Couples will also have to decide whether to have Universal Credit paid into a joint account, or nominate which partner should receive the benefits in their account. Many couples don’t have joint accounts, or one partner has a poor credit score whereas the other doesn’t. A joint account means that your credit risk will be evaluated jointly.

Claimant Commitment

In order to sign up to the Universal Credit you must sign what is known as a ‘claimant commitment’, this will show that you are willing to work at short notice. The influential online forum Mums Net claims that this contract is unfair, especially as you will have to state that you are willing to work in a volunteer capacity for six months if there is no paid work available. If you refuse to sign one of these contracts you will be penalised and you may have your benefit withdrawn.

Childcare payments

If you have children, the childcare element of the Universal credit will pay 70% of your costs, but both of you will have to be in work in order to receive this benefit. If you have one child you will receive £760 towards your childcare costs and £1,300 if you have two children. You will have to register any changes to the family income online and you will find that your credit will vary as a result of changing family circumstances.

Online systems can’t deal with the changes

The Universal Credit online system is already delayed. There have been widespread reports of computer glitches across the pilot areas. In preparation for the introduction of this scheme, it might be a good idea if you both get used to recording your earnings and benefits income on paper as a back up. To date, the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee has written off £425 million as a result of poor administration and IT blunders.

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Sausage’s Dream Home

A little while back, the people at Principality Building Society sent us a great little bundle of craft materials and asked Sausage to use them to create a rendering of her ‘dream home’. Well, no one has an imagination quite as vivid as my biggest baby so I knew she’d be well and truly up to the challenge and I was not wrong!

She started by making a list of all the things that she wanted to include and then did a basic sketch to mark out where everything would go.

Sausage's Dream House

We did our best to include everything and some ideas evolved as they went along, but I think Sausage (with a little help from Mummy!) did an amazing job…

Sausage's Dream Home

The house, as you can see, has a giant waterslide instead of a staircase and the roof is made of glass so that Sausage can observe the sealife from the comfort of her home. She opted for a seaweed garden so that baby fish have a safe place to feed and she decided that the outside of her home should be multicoloured so that it looks like part of the coral reef.

I think you’ll agree that Sausage has done an amazing job of designing and creating her dream home and I can’t wait until she’s older and incredibly wealthy so that she can build the house and her Dad and I can visit!

Principality have created a great little video, asking kids what their dream home would look like, which you can see below:

What would your dream house look like?


How to Make Your Bedroom Your Sacred Place

Guest Postrelaxing bedroomThe bedroom is where you spend a decent amount of time, whether it be sleeping, working orgenerally relaxing. You want this space to be a place you want to go after a long day, knowing that you will be able to recharge your batteries, ready for the next day. If you are particularly stressed, you will also want it to be quiet and private, a space that will let you renew your spirit. The solution might be as simple as adjusting the lighting or the aroma. If it will take more work – changing the furniture and accessories, for example – then consider visiting a furnishing specialist such as superamart.com.au/ to see what is on offer. Read on to learn more about creating a spiritual, relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom!


It is important that you are comfortable in your bedroom. You don’t want to be distracted while you are trying to rest and rejuvenate, so the first thing you should do when creating such a space is to listen for wayward noises. If you find that the ambient sounds are too loud or disruptive, you may want to consider playing some soothing music or nature recordings in the background.


In addition to creating an auditory haven, the smell of your bedroom can also help you make it your sacred place. You can even match it to the music you play if you like! There are many ways to refresh the aromas in your bedroom, ranging from scented candles to potpourri or even incense. Many of the smells in these products are designed to be relaxing. They will definitely get you one step closer to creating a wonderful, sacred space.

Remove Clutter

In order for your bedroom to be your sacred place, it has to look the part! This will most likely involve a lot of cleaning up and the removal of loose clutter. You may want to keep some of these things – make sure they are organised neatly and won’t continue to clutter up your room.

Inspiration can come in all forms

You may need to completely redecorate your room in order to make it a more relaxing place to spend time. If you don’t know where to start, look inwards. Decorate with things that you love and things that inspire you. Try to keep it as simple as you can – too many colours or styles can clash and become confusing. That being said, there is no right or wrong as it is personal taste. You need to truly feel comfortable in your bedroom in order for it to rightly be your sacred space.

These are just some tips you may want to follow if you want to make your bedroom your sacred place. They may not be right for everyone, but remember that it is your space, so you should do what you feel is necessary for it to be a space you can truly enjoy.

Do you have any experiences with turning a bedroom, or even a space in your house, into a sacred place? What would you recommend and what would you encourage others to do or shy away from? Leave your thoughts and advice down below.

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Re-organise Your Wardrobe for the Autumn Season

Despite the Indian summer we’re currently facing, it’s about time we all accepted that autumn is around the corner. No matter how good my intentions are, I always seem to get myself into more of a mess by attempting to tidy up than if I had just left my summer wardrobe alone.

Of course, having had my second baby in February, this is a challenge that’s only going to get harder, especially when it comes to finding the time to re-organise my clothing. In all my years though I’ve managed to develop a system, which will require a specific blend of dedication and a willingness to spend a few pennies, but believe me – it will be more than worth it.

Take ‘the test’

Be honest with yourself – are you ever going to wear those leg warmers again? When it comes to making the switch from one seasonal wardrobe to another, this is a great opportunity to have a good old fashioned clear out.

When you look at an item of clothing, ask yourself: “Have I worn it in the last year?” This is no time to be sentimental – if, like me, you’ve got kids to run around after, then you’ll be thankful for all the space you can get. It’s never going to come in useful. Throw it out.

Budget your time

While we all might have hopes of getting the job done in a matter of minutes, nothing is ever that simple. Set aside a few hours or even a day to re-organise your wardrobe and stick to your plan. For example, if you have a spare couple of hours when the children have gone to bed or perhaps a whole day if they’re at school. You’ll feel much less stressed if you’ve planned your time and will be more incentivised to finish the task.

Invest in a few space savers

If you really can’t bear to throw out any of your old favourites, you might want to re-think ways of storing your clothes. One way of doing this without decking out your room with unsightly storage boxes is to invest in an Ottoman storage bed. If your wardrobe is bursting at the seams, it’s a great way of storing last season’s clothes while the cooler months set in. Remove your summer favourites, give your wardrobe a good dust and bring those winter warmers to the forefront – you’ll be more than grateful for it when you need easy access to a jumper in the mornings.

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