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We’re now pretty much at the halfway point of the summer holidays and I think most parents will agree that it’s been a pretty expensive month! We’ve managed to keep costs down as much as possible by using vouchers and deals, many of which we’ve found on VoucherBin.

Husband and I are pretty savvy shoppers and will always shop around before committing to buy anything. They way we see it, finding a good deal means more money in our pockets to spend on the girls, so we scour the internet for the best prices on things before we invest and VoucherBin is a great place to start looking for bargains.

There are some great offers available through their travel section, such as a voucher for a free second day at Paultons Park, which could be hugely beneficial if you plan to visit the park before the end of the holidays. There’s also a ‘pay for one, get one free’ deal for Legoland Windsor, which could really save you a lot of money as tickets for Legoland aren’t cheap.

If you’ve already got a holiday booked, you could really benefit from some of the other vouchers on VoucherBin, such as 80% off of airprot parking – a saving like that could really get your holiday off to an amazing start and will mean that you can drive yourselves and park in a safe place with no worries, rather than having to pay for transport to and from the airport.

The baby and child section is also full of deals which could make the back-to-school period a whole lot cheaper, like the deal which offers 40% off on shoes at Kids Factory Shoes – if you’ve got more than one child to clothe and shod before the start of term in September, a 40% saving could be a real bonus.

I highly recommend that you go and take a look at all of the vouchers available on the VoucherBin site. There seems to be a deal for just about anything you can think of and I’m certain that you’ll be hugely surprised by just how much money you could save for the rest of the school summer holidays and beyond. I know it’s practically illegal to mention the ‘C’ word this early in the year, but having seen some of the deals available, I’m genuinely considering starting my Christmas shopping already!

Do pop back and leave me a comment letting me know what bargains you’ve found!

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