When Husband and I were researching where to get married, we looked at a whole bunch of options. One of the first things we thought about were cruises, as it’s possible to get married right there on the ship, with many of the major operators, if you have all of the paperwork organised beforehand. The idea of being able to sail around the world on a cruise ship in those first days of wedded bliss was hugely appealing and it was a close contender on our shortlist.

Another option was a wedding in the treetop canopy in the jungle in Costa Rica – my nature-loving Husband and I would have loved something like this, but the cost was just a little bit out of our budget at the time…perhaps we could go back for our 20th anniversary and renew our vows amongst the red-eyed tree frogs and scarlet macaws!

Vegas weddings are always amazing; my cousin Amy got married in Las Vegas and her wedding photos are just beautiful. We seriously considered Vegas for a while but I decided that anywhere I could get hooked on gambling and potentially gain 50lb in two weeks from all of the luscious American food was probably not such a great idea for me!

One of the closest contenders for our big day was Sri Lanka – as I mentioned before, Husband and I are huge lovers of nature and we’d seen pictures of people getting married on elephant-back in Sri Lanka, so we ummed and ahhed for a long time about that one.

Ultimately, we ended up choosing the Maldives. We booked a two week stay on an island which was just 250m across and booked our wedding for the very middle of the two weeks, giving us time to relax and enjoy ourselves before and after. We walked down an aisle of white sand, lined with palm leaves and tealights and married on the most beautiful beach you’ve ever seen, while crystal blue waters lapped just a few feet away.

Our wedding dinner was eaten under a canopy on the beach, made up of the most succulent lobster and seafood, freshly caught that day, and we may have polished off a couple of bottles of Laurent Perrier too!

If you’re considering getting married abroad, I can highly recommend it. More often than not it works out a lot cheaper than getting married in the UK, and the day was all arranged for us, making it a beautiful, relaxing experience. We’d definitely love to go on a cruise at some point in the future too as the chance to see so many countries during your holiday makes it great value for money.

Did any of my lovely readers get married abroad? If so, where? Would you recommend it to other people looking for interesting venues for their wedding? Do leave me a comment and let me know!