Lapland Northern LightsHaving a dog (a senior one, at that) means that we really have to think outside the box when it comes to holidays. It’s not as simple as booking a fortnight away and hopping on a plane; we couldn’t leave him for that long in a boarding kennel and it would be a big ask for family to look after him because even at almost 10 years old, it’s still a bit like being dragged by a steam-train when I take him for a walk! I had an idea about pricing up a few one night trips to attractions in the UK and northern France so that even if we couldn’t take a full holiday we’d feel like we’d had a break.

The most famous ‘attraction’ in Northern France, home to a certain mouse, came in at over £1200 for the four of us for ONE night in August and a trip to the place in Windsor where they build a lot was equally as prohibitive in price. We got our thinking caps on and started looking into a Lapland holiday; Sausage is 6 this year, which means we’re running out of time for the magic of Santa to still be exciting for her and going away at Christmas means that we wouldn’t have to worry about taking our fair-skinned, red-headed child to somewhere hot.

Just for fun, I decided to ask Sausage what she thought Santa might be doing, seeing as it’s off-season for the old guy right now and here’s what she said:

“I think Santa is probably doing lots of sleeping because soon he’s going to have to start preparing for next Christmas! Mummy thinks he shaves his beard off in the summer, but I think he keeps it. I think he wears shorts and a vest in Summer and flip flops on his feet!”

Personally, I reckon Santa is sunning it up in Cancun with Mrs. Claus at the moment, taking full advantage of a bit of downtime and soaking up all the vitamin D he can get before going back to the darkness of Lapland for the winter busy season.

Lapland really looks like a magical place to visit, at any time of year. I’ve always wanted to visit Lapland and stay in the hotel with the glass igloos for rooms – the chance to see the Northern Lights would be incredible and feeling like we were sleeping under the starts, whilst managing to stay warm and cosy inside the igloo is an experience we’d never forget.

Have any of my readers ever ventured north and visited Lapland? Did you go at Christmas? What did you make of it? As a side note, what does your little one think Santa is doing right now?! Leave me a comment below.