With the football well and truly over for the season after Englands’ defeat in their current international campaign, our TV is definitely getting less usage. When Husband and I first met, he introduced me to his beloved team Liverpool FC and we’d regularly go to the pub with friends to watch the game. Then, we moved house, got satellite TV and suddenly trips to the pub were relegated in favour of staying in to watch the footie with a couple of beers and maybe a takeaway. Skip forward 8 years and watching matches is now a whole family affair…even Sausage and BB watch with us, both donning matching shirts, although Sausage has her name on her shirt and BB is still too small for customisation!

Husband and I can usually be found doing what I’ve recently discovered is called ‘second screening’ – chatting on social media whilst watching something on the big screen; in fact, when we’re watching football on the telly, almost ALL social media will be about what we’re watching and it’s a great way to connect with other fans from the comfort of our own homes. LG recently did a survey which shows that a whopping 96% of people prefer talking about football on social media, with over half of people choosing Facebook as their main place to chat.

Although footie is definitely a time for second screening, we do also have family time with no mobile devices allowed; Husband, Sausage and I will regularly have family film afternoons where we watch something together and go incommunicado on social media, which is really important as it shows Sausage that we’re giving her our undivided attention; something which has become even more vital since BB came along.

We don’t just watch films – some of our favourite shows include Adventure Time, Regular Show and just recently we acquired a Sabrina the Teenage Witch boxset which we’ve introduced Sausage to. She loves it and it allows me to relive my youth, when I wished more than ANYTHING that I had magical powers!

Unfortunately, even magical powers couldn’t have stopped England’s Brazilian Humiliation the other night and although I’ll be gutted to see our boys coming home, I won’t be sad that it will hopefully reduce the chance of Gerrard, Sturridge, Sterling, Johnson, Henderson and Lambert getting injured and will give them a chance to rest before the start of the season. Oh, and from what I hear, Adam Lallana might need some time to move to Merseyside, too!

Football is definitely a big part of our family life – we even managed a trip to Anfield this year with Sausage and technically BB too, as I was pregnant with her at the time and although we’d love the chance to go to more home games online such as Pixies of the Forest , Monopoly (just as we’d have loved to have travelled to Brazil to watch some of those matches, too!) we’re more than happy with our weekly viewings from the comfort of our couch (here), cheering our team on as a family.