rugs at carpetrightWe’ve known for a while that our landlord would be moving back to the UK and that we’d need to find somewhere new to live, but yesterday we received formal notice that we’ve got to vacate by the middle of July. When you live in a rented house, it can be really tricky to make a space your own, but one thing we’ve found can really make a difference is using brightly coloured rugs. Sausage may not be able to have the bright pink walls she so desires, but she’ll love a huge fluffy pink rug for her room, which is what I’m going to buy once we move.

Carpet in rented houses often leaves a lot to be desired, with landlords understandably wanting to keep costs down, so beige and brown are usually the popular choice, which can make a whole house feel drab when combined with the standard magnolia walls. I absolutely love this floral rug, which would really make our bedroom look like a grown-up space.

floral rug

 There are so many advantages to rugs, not least of all the fact that they’re so much easier to keep clean than fixed carpets. They’re also easier to change, which means that if you decide to decorate, you can change your colour scheme without having to do major work. If you’re really clever, you can choose an accent colour from your rug and match your curtains, lampshades and other touches around the room, which are all moveable if you live in a rented house and can be moved right along with you.

Rugs can also add real warmth to a room which has stone or wood flooring, helping you to avoid having to do that early morning ‘dance across the freezing floor’ that you’ll know all about if you don’t have a plush floor covering. Rugs can also save you money in the long run – you won’t need underlay like you would with a carpet and rugs can also help to prevent damage to laminate flooring, which could be expensive to replace in the long run.

Overall, rugs are an excellent choice for renters (and home-owners, too!) – when you’re at the mercy of someone elses’ decisions regarding your living situation, it’s comforting to know that wherever you move to, you’ll be taking a little slice of home along with you. And even though I’m not looking forward to the actual act of moving house, I am looking forward to an excuse to go rug shopping!