Just recently we were asked by the lovely ladies at BritMums to take a trip to our local Morrisons supermarket and give our verdict on the whole experience. We were sent £80 of vouchers to spend and told to shop for our Bank Holiday weekend, a challenge we accepted with relish! Our closest store is actually quite little and we wanted to make sure we had the biggest variety of choice possibly, so we travelled a little farther afield and went to the store 5 miles miles away instead. We went on Saturday evening (braced for it to be ridiculously busy!) and were pleasantly surprised by how good the atmosphere was inside the store. Although there were a lot of shoppers in store, the aisles were wide (important if you’re shopping with a buggy and a trolly) and the shop was really well laid out.

IMG_20140503_181437 We’d been invited to a barbeque on the Sunday and decided to pick up some bits to take with us. Much to our delight, there were lots of offers on meat and barbeque items, which meant that we got some lovely grill steaks, kebabs and chicken for just a few quid each. We also bought a whole chicken for a mid-week dinner, which was seasoned and stuffed and were not only surprised by the low price but also by the quality of the meat, which is guaranteed to be from a source of highest welfare standards, something that’s really important to us as a family.

IMG_20140503_181337We were also really impressed with the variety of produce on offer – there was a rather exotic herb display which was being kept fresh with a regular stream of dry ice, and the had not one but THREE varieties of aubergine. Three types of aubergine! I didn’t even know that there was more than one variety of aubergine, so I got an education that day, too!

IMG_20140503_183852Perhaps my best buy of the trip was the quick dinner that we grabbed for that evening. Obviously, we’d need something quick to munch on once we got home and unpacked our shop, so we headed to the excellent fresh pizza counter that Morrisons has and found a huge 14″ Ham and Pineapple pizza for just £3.70. We coupled this is a bag of onion rings which cost just 85p, which means that our dinner that evening cost £1.51 per head for the three of us, although there was MORE than enough food to serve 4, so it’s probably more like £1.13 per head. The pizza itself was seriously delicious – Husband commented that it was one of the best ‘cook at home’ pizzas he’d ever had and he’s tricky to please in that department.IMG_20140503_181535All in all, our shop included barbeque fayre, dinners for the week and even a bottle of wine (Mine and Husband’s favourite brand of Rioja for about 2/3rds the price we usually pay) and came to just over £92. Husband and I were so pleased with the value of the shop that we commented that even the extra 15 minutes in the car to get the bigger store and expenditure on petrol was worth it for the excellent savings (and, incidentally, we got a voucher for 10p off of every litre of petrol at a Morrisons filling station with our receipt, too!). The staff were friendly and helpful, the own-brand goods were of a disproportionately high quality for the price, the store was clean and well laid out, and we’ll definitely be going back for our next big shop. IMG_20140503_185053I’m not just a #morrisonsmum…we’re now a #morrisonsfamily!