I’ve hit the jackpot, readers. I’m going to be filthy, stinking rich. I’ve hit upon an idea which is going to make us our fortune. It might not be the most legit method of making money, but I’m so certain that it’s going to work that I’m happy to absorb the moral issues. I’m going to make recordings of BB’s screams and sell them to the worlds’ secret agencies to play to detainees, to make them talk. Believe me, six hours in a CIA cell with her wailing being played through a loudspeaker is enough to make even the toughest terrorists break and spill their secrets.

Seriously, though, I’ve been asked to share an infographic for onlineclock.net which shows the worlds’ most hated sounds and I’m entirely unsurprised to see baby crying on the list. BB’s current default setting seems to be ‘cry’ – generally speaking, if she’s not sleeping, she’s crying and it’s not easy to deal with at all. Take a look at the other sounds which people hate:

The Most Hated Sounds In The World – An infographic by

According to OnlineClock.net: Using brain imaging, a study from University College London found that the Amygdala is responsible for adjusting emotional responses to unpleasant noises. It sends a sort of distress signal to the auditory cortex, which is the part of the brain responsible for processing sound. In this way, our emotional response to a negative sound is heightened beyond the normal emotional response to other sounds.”

It’s not all bad though – at least we’ve got the ‘baby laughing’ stage to look forward to, which will be a nice difference!