queen_mum_12When you become a mum, it seems that there are two ways to go in terms of your clothing. You can choose to embrace motherhood completely and become the most practically dressed person on the planet or you can make a positive decision to retain your own sense of style and if that means putting a lot of effort into your clothes, you carry on doing so regardless of how little time you have to do it.

A lot depends on who you hang out with, of course. If you’re surrounded by well-dressed people who obviously spend a lot of time, thought and money on their clothes, it tends to rub off on you, even if you’re a bit of a jeans and T-shirt fan. On the other hand, if the people you’ve got to know through various toddler groups all dress down when they’re out with the kids, you might feel too smart in the clothes you’d usually choose to wear.

Thankfully in today’s society, there are no particular dress codes, except perhaps in some work places, so you should really wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable. But regardless of whether you’re a smart or casual dresser, there are certain essential wardrobe items no mum of young children should be without.

The first priority item is a good jacket. Think of how many hours you spend at the park, often when it’s colder than you’d like it to be, and the kids somehow don’t seem to feel the need to get back inside where it’s warm. In the winter you can’t beat a down-filled puffer jacket for keeping you cosy and cheerful while they want one more push on the swing, or one more go on the slide. Come spring though, and that puffer jacket can feel far too hot, yet without it, there’s a risk of getting chilly when the clouds cover the sun. That’s when you need to move to a spring jacket – and utility coats are a really practical option here. Check out this jacket from Superdry that is an eminently practical colour – an army green that goes with almost any colour. It’s also got an array of handy pockets; perfect for packing in a few snacks for the kids and tissues for their runny noses! It’s casual, so suitable for everyday wear, yet it’s equally suitable for an occasion when you wear something smarter underneath.

The next wardrobe essential for a mum about town is a good pair of jeans; practical enough to cope with your kids’ sticky fingers being swiped across them, but you can still choose a tailored pair that most flatters your body shape.

Add some colour with a number of different tops – long and short-sleeved t-shirts for those days when it’s going to be warm, and lightweight jumpers that can be worn on their own or added as an extra layer of warmth when you need them. If you want to dress your look up a little, choose a cotton shirt or blouse in lieu of the t-shirt, and you instantly look smarter. Similarly, you can switch the utility jacket for a neutral trench coat for a more sophisticated look.

Some mums you see will always wear the same kind of thing, like they have a mum uniform; while others will be wearing something different every time you see them. The best option is to wear the clothes that you feel most at ease in. If you like what you’re wearing you’ll feel far more ready to deal with whatever the day throws at you.