There’s no doubt about it, life changes in so many ways – most of them wonderful – once you have children. But along with the huge rewards that come with experiencing life once more through a child’s eyes, come a raft of responsibilities which can, some days, make you feel like a cross between a nanny and a cleaner.

Permanent feelings of guilt pretty much come with the territory when you have little ones, whether you’re a stay a home mum, you go out to work, you feel you’re spending more time with one child than the other, you worry you let them watch too much television while you do the chores… the list goes on…

But, for your children’s sake as much as yours, it’s vital not to lose sight of who you were before they came on the scene. Otherwise, you’ll end up feeling grumpy and resentful which is no good for you or for them. Here are just a few of the tips I’ve picked up along the way which have made me feel like me again…

A bubble bath

Even if the day has been ridiculously stressful, once the kids have had their bath and gone to bed, there’s nothing more relaxing than running a bubble bath of my own, taking my book in, locking the bathroom door and just having 20 minutes to myself before bed. I won’t be using the children’s bubbles though. My favourites at the moment are Origins’ ginger bath soak which leaves you smelling like a ginger biscuit and Laura Mercier’s honey bubble bath. Friends and family who are stuck when buying me presents know I’ll always be happy with a fancy bath soak.

Date night

Having children brings you closer together as you experience the magic of bringing a new person into the world. But, it also means conversation can be all about the minutiae of daily life, from nappies to weaning, school uniforms to the food shop. Setting aside a date night, even if it’s just once a month, gives us the chance to talk without any interruptions and to dress up and feel good about myself.

Some retail therapy

It sounds frivolous, and that’s because it is, but treating yourself to a little something can make you feel a hundred times better. Not everything you buy has to come in mini sizes or be practical. Investing in a new set of matching underwear is one of my favourite just-for-me purchases. Then, even if I’m running around in jeans and a jumper, I still know I’m wearing something beautiful underneath.

I’ve got my eye on La Redoute’s pretty polka-dot print set, which manages to be playful and a little bit sexy at the same time with its lace detailing. And, the cups are smooth enough so I can wear it under t-shirts. There’s also a similar style for those lucky enough to have a bigger cup size, with polka dots and white lace instead of black.

Start a blog

Just as I used to pour my thoughts into my diary as a child, I’ve found starting my own blog has given me a forum to talk about whatever I want to, whether child-related or not. More often than not, I write about my two favourite things in the world – apart from my family of course – fashion and food.

A hobby just for you

While after-school and the weekend can be a whirlwind of rushing around to get your kids to football club, karate practise, Brownies or swimming, finding something that just you like to do is a great way to rediscover who you were before your little ones arrived. So, whether you get back into a hobby you loved before you became a mum or whether you start something you’ve always longed to, taking time out for some you-time can bring you together as a family as you’ll all have news to talk to each other about at the lunch or dinner table that day.

This post was written by Katie who loves to write about her latest style picks and adventures in food. You can see her latest cravings over on pinterest.