Coffee GroundsMany parents rely on coffee to give them that jolt of energy to see them through the day; but most just chuck the used coffee beans and coffee grounds away and think nothing off it. However there are a few surprising ways you can reuse coffee beans, recycling and benefits, it’s a win win.

Use Coffee Grounds In your Garden

Keep Cats Out of Your Garden

Does your neighbours cat like to hang out in your garden? Have a break with a cup of coffee and an orange and then sprinkle a mix of orange peel and coffee grounds around your plants. The smell will keep cat away – unless of course you want them there.

Turn Coffee Grounds into Compost

Not many people are aware but used coffee grounds make a great addition to your fertiliser. Flowers love the acid, especially roses and evergreens.

Repel Snails

You may have wonderful soil but if you have snails and slugs in it your vegetables just aren’t going to grow. Pour some old coffee grounds around the area to poison.. ummm miraculously remove snails from your soil.

Deter Ants

Are you concerned about your kids playing in the garden or local park due to ant mounds? Coffee grounds don’t just deter cats, ants hate it too. Sprinkle some around ant mounds to discourage them from hanging about.

Grow Perfect Carrots

Do you and your kids enjoy growing your own vegetables? Mix carrot seeds with used coffee grounds before you sow to give them a boost of energy. It will also keep pesky slugs away.

Use Coffee Grounds in The House

Cover Any Fridge Odours

When you have finished a butter pot but a used filter filled with used coffee ground inside and place at the back of your fridge.The coffee aroma will deodorise your fridge.

Create Treasure Maps

In time for the Easter Hunt you can get creative with coffee grounds. Soak coffee grounds in hot water to make sepia dye, then use it to dye fabrics or paper to make your Easter Treasure map look the part!

Car Air freshener

School girls make holes in their tights all the time! Cut the leg off an old pair of nylon tights, add some coffee grounds and two drops of vanilla extract then make a knot in the leg. Your car will smell like a latte heaven.

Do you have any tips for reusing coffee grounds? Please share below.