During the first couple of weeks of her life, Burrito Baby seemed to have no problem drinking as much milk a she could get her mitts on, in fact the first bottle she ever took was 90ml (3oz, for those of us who still work in old money!), which is a mammoth amount for a newborn. However, things soon started to change. We noticed that she was vomiting a lot more after each feed and that the sick had a real acidic tang to it. She also did this odd thing with her head, twisting and stretching like she was trying to get away from something, which had us concerned. Added to this the fact that she seemed really unhappy when she was laid flat, and would often wake with a start and let out pained cries while she was asleep, Husband and I knew something was up.

I was aware of infant reflux because my good friend Susanne, of Ghostwriter Mummy, had dealt with it with her middle child, but it was only when Husband and I researched it that it seemed like this was what we were dealing with. I took BB to the doctors and was given Infant Gaviscon, but after reading the notes, we weren’t happy to give it to her – it’s advised against for premature babies, and although BB was technically only premature by one day (born at 36 weeks and 6 days), there’s a cut-off point for a reason and we decided that we wanted to explore other options.


Husband did some hunting around and discovered that other parents had experienced good results by using the specialist formula milk, Enfamil AR, a milk which has ‘added weight’, stopping it from travelling back up the baby’s oesophagus and preventing reflux, so we went back to the GP who prescribed us with one can to try out.

From the moment we started BB on Enfamil AR, the difference has been amazing. She no longer vomits up the majority of her feeds (apart from the odd spit-up, which all babies do) and she just seems to be more content, overall. She’s obviously thriving too, as we had her weighed last Thursday and she’s gained almost 2lb in 17 days! The only slight issue we’ve had is that the Enfamil has caused her to suffer with constipation – you know you’ve really earned your Parenting Badge when you can say that you’ve used your bare hands to help your baby pass a bowel movement. Back to the doctors we went, lactulose was prescribed, and now we’re back on track again.

When I first took BB to the GP, I mentioned that I thought it was reflux she was suffering from. I wasn’t trying to do her job for her, but sitting in her office and trying to get her to follow a trail of breadcrumbs by telling her BB’s symptoms, hoping she’d come to the same conclusion that we did, seemed like a waste of everyone’s time. She didn’t seem hugely happy about it though, commenting that “I seem to see more and more babies with reflux these days, I don’t know where it’s coming from”. I didn’t reply, but what I hope is that the reason more babies are being diagnosed is because of awesome bloggers like Susanne who help to inform other people, and hopefully limit the suffering of both the babies who are refluxing all over the place, and their poor, helpless parents who simply cannot work out why their baby is struggling. Surely, that can only be a positive thing?

If you suspect your baby has reflux, there’s a great article on BabyCentre which might help before you decide to approach your GP, and your Health Visitor may also be able to give you some advice. Above all, be confident that you know your baby better than anyone else, and if you sense that something isn’t right, get it checked out.  In terms of practical things you can do to help, we’ve found that putting BB in a sling after feeding, rather than laying her down flat, also adds to her comfort levels. She also sleeps better in her pram rather than her moses basket at the moment, as the head-end is ever so slightly elevated, using gravity to our advantage to help keep the food and stomach acid from creeping back up again. There are foam wedges that you can buy to place under a mattress, too.

If you’ve dealt with a refluxy baby and have any tips or wisdom you can share, please leave a comment below.