Since Burrito Baby and I came home from hospital, we’ve been settling back into family life and trying to find a rhythm that suits us. As I mentioned in this post, I struggled with tiredness for the first couple of weeks, but with Husband’s help I managed to start to feel human again. We were feeding on demand at first, allowing BB to tell us when she was ready for a feed, but that posed a few problems; firstly, BB is an impatient little monkey. If she doesn’t get her milk pretty much as soon as she tells you she wants it, her screaming will reach fever pitch and, if you’re¬†particularly¬†slow, she’ll actually refuse the bottle once you manage to get it to her, or fall asleep from what I can only imagine is exhaustion caused by all that fuss.This then causes a knock-on issue, which is that we live in a very small house and BB’s urgent cries are likely to wake Sausage up, which is just not fair when she has school the next day. Also, she was waking herself up to the point that she didn’t want to go back to sleep, even after a feed.

So, we had to think of something new. With Husband’s help, I decided that rather than allowing BB to get to the point of screaming for a feed, we’d give her a bottle every three hours whether she asked for it or not. That way, she wouldn’t wake up to the point of no return and I managed to get some sleep between feeds. It worked for us for a while and I started to regain the feeling of being an actual human being, not just a milk-delivery zombie.

One night, though, I decided to push my luck – my alarm went off at 1am to give BB her next feed but she seemed to be sleeping really soundly so I thought I’d see how long she’d sleep for if I didn’t wake her up. She slept right through to 4.30am, which was a 6 and a half hour stretch! From that night onwards, I’ve been giving her a late bottle before I go to bed and she’s sleeping an average of 6-7 hours, uninterrupted, which is absolutely brilliant! Given that I took her to be weighed yesterday and she’s gained just under 2lb in 17 days, I think she’s probably having a bit of a growth spurt, hence all of the eating and sleeping, and if this sleeping pattern continues, I’ll be a seriously happy mummy!

For me, this is just further proof that ‘parenting methods’ are all well and good, but nothing will work the same way for every baby. When I had Sausage, I didn’t have a lot of friends with kids, nor did I have a lot of contact with other mums online, so I didn’t really know about ‘methods’, I did things instinctively. Turns out, my version of instinct was baby-wearing, gentle parenting, with a dose of baby-led weaning thrown in later on! This time, I’m trusting my instincts again, remaining fluid and open to change and it seems to be working for us.

So far…!