A Bedroom for Grown Ups (and a Newborn…)

Living in a tiny house means that fitting a whole new person in hasn’t been all that easy. We’ve had to do an rather elaborate game of ‘furniture Jenga’ just to accommodate everything we need, as well as everything we already had, and it’s been a bit of a losing battle (poor Husband’s office looks like a cross between a second hand furniture shop and a nursery showroom!). So when the lovely people at Argos offered us the chance to grab some new bedroom furniture, we thought we’d take the opportunity to be a bit clever. 

We chose this bed frame:


As well as being a great looking bed, the frame has storage underneath, which gives us an additional storage option – we don’t have an airing cupboard in our house and have always struggled for space to store our towels and bedding. The drawers pull out super smoothly and there’s plenty of space for all of our linen, which has made a huge difference to the room. We’d previously kept it all in a chest of drawers which we’ve now been able to move out of the room, giving us more space, overall, too. Win/Win!

We also chose a pair of bedside tables to go with the new bed:


I love the fact that the bedside tables have a drawer in them, which means that I can hide away clutter (like the 3 million hair bands and slides that end up littering my side of the bedroom when I take them out before bed!) and the slot at the top has been the perfect place to store my book or Kindle so I have them to hand if I want to read in bed.

Obviously, we’ve got a cot in our bedroom now that the baby is here, but the new bedroom furniture has made the room feel really grown up. I’m looking forward to shopping for some new bedding and a new light shade to pull the whole room together, and I might even invest in a nice piece of art to put on the wall, too. Husband has struggled with sleep for most of his life, so turning the room into a proper, peaceful sanctuary for rest will hopefully mean that we’ll both be able to sleep a little better (although, with a newborn that might be wishful thinking!)

The bed we chose is made by Hygiena, a well-known brand which offers real quality, giving us peace of mind that it’ll last a while. I’m not the daintiest of creatures and I tend to turn over rather violently once I’m asleep (scaring the you-know-what out of my poor Husband on more than one occasion!) and knowing that the bed is sturdy enough to cope with my nocturnal thrashings is a relief!

Thanks so much to Argos for helping us to improve both our sleeping space and our storage issues. Once I’ve dressed the room a little better with a nice bedspread and light shade, I’ll post a picture for you all to admire!

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