5 Fun Gifts For Your Child

Post provided by Penny Skateboards.
Happy_Birthday_Gift_by_Jon__BoyYou’ve just finished neatly wrapping up that new gift for your child, excitement fills the air as you begin to pictn ure their little face light up with joy and delight. They unwrap their gift and…fail. Bless their little hearts as they pretend to be excited with your gift. But nothing is worse than seeing them pull off an awful B-grade movie performance.

Perhaps it is time to be less predictable and give them something that will really excite them. Your child can only smash that toy truck or give barbie a hairdo so many times before they start pulling their own hair out. Give your son or daughter a childhood they will never forget with one of these fun gift ideas:

1. The need for speed.

Every child is an adrenalin junkie. Grab some knee and elbow pads along with a skateboard to get their little hearts racing. If you really want to impress their socks off, get them a fully customised skateboard made exactly to suit their little feet. Companies like Penny Skateboards do an incredible job of designing boards to suit their specific dimension and build. The best part is that you can do all of it online- their website layout makes it clear and easy to decide on every detail and make sure they get the smoothest ride.

2. A young maestro.

You may have a the next Mariah or Justin hidden inside that small body. Some voice lessons would be the perfect gift idea to let that caged bird sing. Or, there may be a hidden drummer boy and musician ready to rock and roll. Check out your local music store to find that specific instrument that speaks their musical language. Their right brain will thank you as they spark it up strumming away on that new guitar or playing a melody on the piano.

3. Surf’s up dude!

Make the day at the beach extra exciting by introducing your child to the surf. Every surfer will say that the feeling of catching a wave cannot be compared to anything else. There is sure to be a surf shop at your closest beach providing you not only with surf lessons, but just the right board to fit whatever age your child may be. No doubt you will even want to join the kids out in the water!

4. A green thumb.

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing the fruits of your own labour. Why not take your child to the closest nursery and let them pick out their favourite plant or fruit tree. Watch your child beam with joy as they get a free pass to get grubby in the soil and plant a gift that will grow at the same rate as they do.

5. Little Da Vinci.

Awaken that inner muse and introduce your child to the artistic world. Whether it is painting, drawing, or putting together a mosaic, being creative is not only fun but a plays a crucial role in your child’s learning abilities as they freely express themselves. Let them loose into the world of colour and creativity.

I am sure these gift ideas are helpful to you. Not only gifts, you can also plan a party for your kids as a gift. A gift will be cherishable and a party will be memorable.

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