Stairway to Bedtime Heaven

As a child I was jealous of my best friend for a number of reasons, mostly because she had something I didn’t: a pair of high-heeled shoes; cool parents under the age of 40; a pink bike with the spangled handlebars; and, probably top of the list…a bunk bed.

Bunk beds, or cabin beds as they are now known, just seem so much more exciting than your average single bed in a box room – unless put in a prison context and occupied by delinquent cell-mates! I used to imagine that my pal would be having all sorts of adventures in her bunk bed, so, when my seven-year-old child first raised the question about having a bunk bed in his room the romantic in me felt compelled to say yes.

At what age is the right age to have a bunk bed? Well, I reckon their greatest appeal is from the age of about seven or so, when the fear factor of falling off the top deck fades away, until the age of 16 when having to use any sort of effort to get in and out of bed is way beyond the call of duty. Some people like to take it too far and sleep in bunk beds well into adulthood. But when you find yourself calling emergency services to help you get back up the ladder, or call the local occupational therapist to have a hand rail installed, it’s probably wise to call it a day.Another good indicator is when you’re old enough to sleep in the same bed as your significant other. At the end of the day ‘bunk up’ can have very different connotations depending on what stage of life you’re at!
As I wasn’t fortunate enough to have a bunk bed in my youth I’ve not really given them much of a second glance until said offspring declared his interest. I found this useful link, http://www.gltc.co.uk/cabin-beds/dept/fcp-category/list, to a website that has all manner of different bunk beds, and I’ve since gone on to purchase the stairway to bedtime heaven I was never fortunate enough to have.

One thing it could not tell me though – apart from the obvious practicalities like saving on space -is what makes bunk beds so appealing to the younger generation. Personally, I think it’s because they are the closest thing you’ll get to a hideaway indoors. Den-building has become a lost art in the big outdoors, in part due to health and safety constraints, so being able to build one in your own bedroom, using the bunk bed as a frame instead of a few moss-covered twigs, can be a real blessing, especially on a wet weekend.

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