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Recapturing Fitness

Post contributed by my lovely Husband!

Old age seldom catches up with us overnight. It’s a slow, gradual thing which has us staring into the mirror one day and wondering who the grey haired person wearing a ‘me’ mask is.

Like most men, I always took my fitness seriously. I used to bike every day, play sports, go to the gym and I was able to run 5 miles in 38 minutes, carrying weight. Now though, things are different. I work a sedentary job. I have a child and another on the way and a beautiful wife too. When you have the latter you can easily fall into a complacent rut and it’s fair to say I did. I used to find a little time to lift weights but beyond that my only exercise was walking with our dog (which, it’s fair to say, is hard damned work!).

After a fairly austere Christmas food-wise, I decided it was time to recapture my fitness, so I strapped on my trainers and shorts and hit the pavement. After 15 minutes I was breathing hard. After 20 my knees and shins started to complain. By the time I finished the run I needed an ice pack and ibuprofen.

Not to be deterred, I repeated the procedure but my issues only worsened. I’d hoped they wouldn’t, but deep down I knew they would. I had tried to carry on where I’d left off 6 years ago and, unsurprisingly, my body, now older, heavier and more worn out, was letting me know what a fool I was and that I was trying to perform above my fit station.

Back in the day I’d have been fine running in any old trainers and cargo shorts (I looked a bit of a tit, mind, but you get the picture) but in 2014 I was a limping, sweaty mess so I decided should think of my body and invest in the right equipment (Shock! Horror!) so I took myself over to JD Sports and picked up some running shoes which were suitable for my damaged, hobbling stride, and some shorts that allowed my skin to breathe. I might also, while I was there have treated myself to some nice New Balance 574’s (and a foam roller from www.onlysportsgear.com)…

New Balance 574My first run post ‘good sense’ was a revelation. My shin pain began to dissipate, I didn’t feel like I was melting (I won’t go into the unpalatable subject of ‘rubbing’ but rest assured it was an issue) and I finished the run feeling almost human! Days have passed and things are still looking up. Obviously I don’t feel 25 again, I’m still an old man, but I have the support I need to put in work and improve my cardio and my quality of life in general. I feel confident now that, nature permitting, I’ll be a Dad who can run and play with my kids into my older years, rather than being a spectator to their fun and there’s really no price you can put on that.

So if you’re putting off getting up and tackling your fitness, don’t think it’s too late. See your Doc, get a clean bill of health, get your gait analysed at your local podiatrist, pick up some trabs that support you and crack on. It’s never too late.

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