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I’m Incubating an Ostrich…

Being pregnant and diabetic means that I’m monitored far more regularly than your average ‘low-risk’ pregnancy; most women will usually only have 2 or 3 scans at the most throughout their pregnancy, but I’ve had at least 5 already. I was at the hospital today for a routine appointment with my diabetic midwife and endocrinologist and they decided that, as I hadn’t had one since New Year’s Eve, I needed to have another scan and it showed some interesting things.

Last time I was scanned, I was told that I was carrying too much amniotic fluid (polyhydramnious) because of the diabetes and that that I’d need to control my sugars better in order to bring the fluid levels down. They also told me that, although baby’s head measured the perfect size for her stage, she had very long legs! Now, I’m not exactly lofty, at 5ft 4in and Husband is 5ft 10-ish, so where this height is coming from, I don’t know! She also has a round tummy, so I’m wondering if I’m actually carrying a baby ostrich.

Baby Ostrich

However, today’s scan showed that my polyhydramnious has corrected itself completely and that my fluid was back within completely normal levels…yay me! The scan also showed that baby is already measuring around 3.3kg (7lb 3oz) which is only two ounces off of what Sausage weighed when she was born! Given that I’m only 35+2 weeks gone at the moment, this means even more close monitoring, with two scans booked in the next fortnight and a plan in place whereby I may have to start a course of steroids to help the baby’s lungs to mature, so that they can give me an early c-section. We may well be meeting her even sooner than we realised!

I would have been a lot more anxious about all of this, but I finally feel like we’re getting close to being able to receive a baby into the house. Our Britax Affinity travel system arrived at the beginning of the week and my wonderful Husband did some seriously savvy shopping last week which meant that we’re now stocked up with enough nappies, wipes and formula milk to last us for the first month of 2.1’s life! I can’t even begin to tell you how much of my stress lifted when he told me he’d bought all of those bits. I think all we have left to buy now is some new muslins, which should be simple enough.

It’s all starting to feel very real now! Keep your eyes peeled for more updates…

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