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tommee tippee Closer to Nature Complete Starter Kit Review

We’ve been really lucky over the last few months, having been sent some fabulous products to review for the new baby. We were pretty savvy with Sausage’s baby things and kept the vast majority of it, but it’s still nice for the new baby to have had some new things too – and I won’t lie, it’s been a treat for me, as well! One of the things that we’ve used the most up to this point is the tommee tippee Closer to Nature Complete Starter Kit. Within this kit is basically everything you could possibly need to bottle feed a baby, and it’s made my life SO much easier!

tommee tippee closer to nature Complete Starter Kit

As well as containing 8 bottles (4 small and 4 large) and all of the lids, teats and cuffs needed to put them together (including a couple of size 2 teats for when the baby needs a faster flow), there’s an electric steam steriliser, electric bottle warmer, two insulated bottle holders and a cleaning brush and tongs – see, literally EVERYTHING!

The Baby is feeding on demand at the moment, which means she’s ready for a feed roughly every three hours, so we get through a lot of bottles in one day! The steriliser is SO easy to use – it sits on the worktop and once I’ve loaded the washed bottles and teats into it, it takes about 6 minutes to work, with just the touch of a button. There’s plenty of space inside too, which means that I can stick dummies in there to be sterilised if I need to, too. This means that, even if I get behind with bottle washing, I can have a clean, sterile bottle ready before you can say ‘hungry baby’!

The bottle warmer has been a godsend, too. It has an adjustable thermostat, so I can set it to heat a bottle to just the right temperature and it won’t get too hot – perfect for sticking a bottle on to warm up while I change the baby’s nappy before a feed.

One of the things I really love about this kit is one of the most simple additions – there are 4 little pots for carrying measured out formula powder, and they sit neatly inside the neck of a bottle, which means you can take everything you need for a feed when you’re out and about and it won’t take up too much space in your bag.

All of the bottles are BPA free, which is a huge thing to take into consideration, since it was discovered a few years back that a lot of baby bottles contained this potentially harmful substance, so this has given us real peace of mind to see right on the box that tommee tippee guarantee to have left it out of everything in this kit.

At £100, this kit may seem pricey, but when you consider everything that’s included it’s actually a real bargain. It contains everything we’ll need until we start to wean the baby once she’s older and the steam steriliser doesn’t require any additional cleaning products to be added, just 80ml of water with each cycle. If you’re expecting a baby, I can highly recommend the tommee tippee Closer to Nature Complete Starter Kit – if you’re bottle feeding (or expressing) it’ll make your life SO much easier and when you’ve got a newborn baby to think about, every little helps!


A Bedroom for Grown Ups (and a Newborn…)

Living in a tiny house means that fitting a whole new person in hasn’t been all that easy. We’ve had to do an rather elaborate game of ‘furniture Jenga’ just to accommodate everything we need, as well as everything we already had, and it’s been a bit of a losing battle (poor Husband’s office looks like a cross between a second hand furniture shop and a nursery showroom!). So when the lovely people at Argos offered us the chance to grab some new bedroom furniture, we thought we’d take the opportunity to be a bit clever. 

We chose this bed frame:


As well as being a great looking bed, the frame has storage underneath, which gives us an additional storage option – we don’t have an airing cupboard in our house and have always struggled for space to store our towels and bedding. The drawers pull out super smoothly and there’s plenty of space for all of our linen, which has made a huge difference to the room. We’d previously kept it all in a chest of drawers which we’ve now been able to move out of the room, giving us more space, overall, too. Win/Win!

We also chose a pair of bedside tables to go with the new bed:


I love the fact that the bedside tables have a drawer in them, which means that I can hide away clutter (like the 3 million hair bands and slides that end up littering my side of the bedroom when I take them out before bed!) and the slot at the top has been the perfect place to store my book or Kindle so I have them to hand if I want to read in bed.

Obviously, we’ve got a cot in our bedroom now that the baby is here, but the new bedroom furniture has made the room feel really grown up. I’m looking forward to shopping for some new bedding and a new light shade to pull the whole room together, and I might even invest in a nice piece of art to put on the wall, too. Husband has struggled with sleep for most of his life, so turning the room into a proper, peaceful sanctuary for rest will hopefully mean that we’ll both be able to sleep a little better (although, with a newborn that might be wishful thinking!)

The bed we chose is made by Hygiena, a well-known brand which offers real quality, giving us peace of mind that it’ll last a while. I’m not the daintiest of creatures and I tend to turn over rather violently once I’m asleep (scaring the you-know-what out of my poor Husband on more than one occasion!) and knowing that the bed is sturdy enough to cope with my nocturnal thrashings is a relief!

Thanks so much to Argos for helping us to improve both our sleeping space and our storage issues. Once I’ve dressed the room a little better with a nice bedspread and light shade, I’ll post a picture for you all to admire!


5 Fun Gifts For Your Child

Post provided by Penny Skateboards.
Happy_Birthday_Gift_by_Jon__BoyYou’ve just finished neatly wrapping up that new gift for your child, excitement fills the air as you begin to pictn ure their little face light up with joy and delight. They unwrap their gift and…fail. Bless their little hearts as they pretend to be excited with your gift. But nothing is worse than seeing them pull off an awful B-grade movie performance.

Perhaps it is time to be less predictable and give them something that will really excite them. Your child can only smash that toy truck or give barbie a hairdo so many times before they start pulling their own hair out. Give your son or daughter a childhood they will never forget with one of these fun gift ideas:

1. The need for speed.

Every child is an adrenalin junkie. Grab some knee and elbow pads along with a skateboard to get their little hearts racing. If you really want to impress their socks off, get them a fully customised skateboard made exactly to suit their little feet. Companies like Penny Skateboards do an incredible job of designing boards to suit their specific dimension and build. The best part is that you can do all of it online- their website layout makes it clear and easy to decide on every detail and make sure they get the smoothest ride.

2. A young maestro.

You may have a the next Mariah or Justin hidden inside that small body. Some voice lessons would be the perfect gift idea to let that caged bird sing. Or, there may be a hidden drummer boy and musician ready to rock and roll. Check out your local music store to find that specific instrument that speaks their musical language. Their right brain will thank you as they spark it up strumming away on that new guitar or playing a melody on the piano.

3. Surf’s up dude!

Make the day at the beach extra exciting by introducing your child to the surf. Every surfer will say that the feeling of catching a wave cannot be compared to anything else. There is sure to be a surf shop at your closest beach providing you not only with surf lessons, but just the right board to fit whatever age your child may be. No doubt you will even want to join the kids out in the water!

4. A green thumb.

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing the fruits of your own labour. Why not take your child to the closest nursery and let them pick out their favourite plant or fruit tree. Watch your child beam with joy as they get a free pass to get grubby in the soil and plant a gift that will grow at the same rate as they do.

5. Little Da Vinci.

Awaken that inner muse and introduce your child to the artistic world. Whether it is painting, drawing, or putting together a mosaic, being creative is not only fun but a plays a crucial role in your child’s learning abilities as they freely express themselves. Let them loose into the world of colour and creativity.

I am sure these gift ideas are helpful to you. Not only gifts, you can also plan a party for your kids as a gift. A gift will be cherishable and a party will be memorable.


Dating in 2014

love-online-datingOkay, so I’m probably not the best person to comment on the dating scene in 2014 – I was lucky enough to meet Husband when I was 21, get married at 22 and have been happily with him ever since (8 years last Saturday, in case you’re interested!). However, Husband and I have had the “what-if” conversation plenty of times, and the thought of getting back onto the dating scene as it was when I was in my early 20’s fills me with dread.

When I met Husband, I may have been a bit of a social butterfly, but these days, bars and clubs are SO not my scene, not to mention the fact that I’m probably 10 years too old to be going to the places I used to frequent. The thought of doing the “eye contact over the bar, is he looking at me, is he smiling or does he have wind?” thing all over again is not appealing in the slightest, so I totally understand why internet dating has become so popular.

There are some great sites around, such as which allow you to meet people, engage in free adult chat, and make a connection without having to drag yourself to places in which you don’t feel comfortable. The other good thing about free adult sites is that everyone knows why everyone else is there. You won’t approach someone in a bar, only to find they’re married or taken, and feel completely embarrassed – if someone is on one of these sites, like, they’re there because they’re available and looking for love, which will remove the potential for awkwardness.

Of course, because we’re all grown ups here, you might be looking for something a little less commitment heavy and a little more fleeting, so a site like might be more appropriate for you. Everyone needs a little…companionship…from time to time and seeking out other people with the same intentions can be really fun and empowering, if done safely.

Several of my single friends have tried internet dating, some with more success than others, but I think it all very much depends on your expectations. If you keep things light and fun, there’s a lot of potential for a good time to be had by all and it can mean that you can engage with people without having to even leave your living room – what’s not to love about that?!

Have you had any dating successes by using an online site? I’d love to hear from you.

World Book Day

World Book Day

Here in the Mum’s the Word household, we’re HUGE fans of reading. Husband has just finished the mammoth task of working his way through the A Song of Ice and Fire series (and is waiting with baited breath for Mr. Martin to publish the next in the series) and I’m currently doing a bit of light-entertainment with a John Grisham novel, a go-to of mine when I just want a book to pass the time. Of course, Sausage is getting on on the act these days too, with her reading coming on leaps and bounds in the last year. She’s a lover of all things Dr. Seuss, amongst other things, and just recently bought her new sister a plush tiger from The Tiger Who Came to Tea, hopefully kicking off a love of books in the newest member of the family.

Fancy Dress Ball recently conducted a survey to see which children’s books and authors were the most popular and the results were much as I’d expected:

Top 3 Favourite Fictional Characters 

Harry Potter (15%)

Gruffalo (2.9%)

Winnie The Pooh (2.8%)

Top 3 Favourite Fictional Authors
JK Rowling (12.5%)

Enid Blyton (7.5%)

Roald Dahl (7.4%)

I’m a huge fan of the Harry Potter books myself and I can’t WAIT until Sausage is old enough for me to read them to her. I’m sure she’d like them now, but I reckon she’s got a couple of years before she can really, truly comprehend and appreciate the series fully, so I want to wait until that optimum time! She’s already a fan of Roald Dahl, with The Twits being her all-time favourite, but George’s Marvellous Medicine and Matilda all feature highly on her list of beloved books.

Unfortunately, Sausage’s school aren’t doing a World Book Day dress up this year, otherwise I reckon constructing a Mrs. Twit costume would have been super fun! twitsFrom Wikipedia “Mrs. Twit is the hideously unattractive, menacing wife of Mr. Twit, whose formerly pretty countenance was erased as a result of constant horrible thoughts over time. She takes advantage of her glass eye to play practical jokes in revenge against her husband, and demonstrates multiple acts of cruelty and viciousness throughout the story; it has been mentioned that the main reason behind her use of a walking cane was as a weapon against innocent children and animals, she participates in the torment of the couple’s pet monkeys the Muggle-Wumps, and serves Mr. Twit a lunch of earthworms disguised as spaghetti. Albeit she also frequently demonstrates acts of stupidity, she has also exhibited intelligence; she managed to manoeuvre her way out of a prank that ended with her being carried off into the sky with balloons by chewing through several of them and landing safely on the ground. However, aside from this, she is portrayed as being hideous and unhygienic.”

Creating a costume for Mrs. Twit sounds like it would be a lot of fun! I’d find a dress in a local charity shop and add as many grim stains as I can, give Sausage a walking stick, back-comb her hair so it looks super untidy, and possibly even accessorise with a few stuffed monkeys and balloons tied to her arms!

Who would you choose to dress up as for World Book Day, and how would you achieve the look? Let me know!