My M&S Magical Dining Room

Now that we’ve got another baby due, Husband and I know that we need to move as soon as possible. We’ve been saving like mad over the last few months, and we have a really definite set of specifications about what we want from the new house. One of those things is a dining room; I’ve not had a dining room since Sausage was tiny and having had to eat off of our laps for the last 5 years has not been fun. I dream of having a room where we can sit as a family to eat our meals, a place where we can go when we have people over; heck, I’d even love to be able to host Christmas this year, and fill a room with our loved ones whilst serving turkey and all the trimmings. I love to cook and bake, but without a dining room to appreciate it in, cooking a lavish meal can sometimes seem a bit flat.

My favourite home and style blogger, Jen from Love Chic Living is currently hosting a competition with Marks and Spencer to win £200 of vouchers to help create the ideal dining room, so I thought I’d throw my hat into the ring and try to show you what I’d love to do once we have the space to do it, if money were no object.

My M&S Magical Dining Room

Padded kitchen chair – £383 for two

Linen Sparkle Runner – Marks & Spencer – £35

2 Marble Placemats – Marks & Spencer – £25

Champagne Bowl – £9.50

The table should be the centre of any dining room and I’m a big fan of real oak – real wood has a warmth to it and the gorgeous tone of this table just invites you to sit down and eat. The chairs I’ve chosen have lots of thick padding because I think that dining chairs should be super comfy – sitting down to a good meal should mean staying around the table, even after the food is finished, to enjoy the company you’re in, and sitting in a hard, uncomfortable chair makes that less of an option.

I don’t want to cover that gorgeous oak with a tablecloth, so I’ve chosen a soft grey table runner, which will accentuate the table but add a sophisticated look to the room. I’ve also chosen marble placemats because I love the contrast of the sharp edges and ultra glossy finish with the other, softer touches on the table. I’ve also gone for a monochrome pallate for the whole room, because it looks grown up and simple, but can also be added to with colourful touches for Christmas or other occasions.

I don’t often think about light fittings because most of our rooms have fixed chandeliers in this house, but I adore the slightly deco style of the ceiling light I’ve chosen and think it would add a real glamour to the room, as well as allowing maximum light (I hate eating in a dark room!). I’ve also gone for some retro touches with the champagne bowls and cocktail shaker, because who doesn’t love a pre-dinner tipple?!

The glass cake stand has been added because I’ll need somewhere spectacular to present my baked creations and I chose the cutlery set because I love the unusual shape of the forks and I think that they’d be the perfect compliment to the rest of the table. The sideboard would be the perfect place to keep all of the cutlery and table settings when we aren’t eating and would allow us to keep the room looking really uncluttered and inviting.

Finally, I’d hang the deco-style mirror above the dresser, to make the room look bigger, reflect a bit of light and to give you somewhere to check your teeth and your lipstick after you’ve finished eating!

So, what do you think of my choices?

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