10 Household Money-Saving Life Hacks

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The many expenses of running a household can add up quickly, even without us noticing. Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to cut down your expenses by making small changes to your habits. In fact, some of these money-saving life hacks are not only better for your bank balance, but better for the environment, your health and even your peace of mind.

1. Make a Meal Plan
The average household wastes over £500 per year on unused food alone. In many cases, this can be avoided simply by making and sticking to a meal plan. Impulse purchases in the supermarket may seem like a good deal, but if they don’t fit into a meal plan they aren’t going to be used.

2. Replace Your Lights
Nowadays saving on energy usage and electricity prices is a major concern not only because of financial reasons, but also to cut down your home’s carbon footprint. Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent (CFL) or light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs. Although the bulbs are pricier, they use much less energy and last much longer.

3. Replace Soft Drinks With Water
Instead of drinking soft drinks or bottled water throughout the day, stick to tap water. Fill a jug and keep it chilled in your refrigerator. If you’re unhappy with the taste of your local tap water, try adding a little lemon juice or mint to the jug to give it a little boost.

4. Buy in Bulk and Share
Buying some groceries and other supplies in bulk can help you keep costs down, but there are times when a bulk order can be too much for one household. By pooling your resources with a friend or neighbour, you can make a bulk order for some item you both need, and then split the supplies between you.

5. Turn Off Appliances
Even when they’re not on, your television, stereo, game consoles and other devices are using up a small amount of electricity in “standby” mode. Switching them off manually – or better yet, switching them off at the wall – can save energy. Although the amount of energy saved in one period is small, over a year it can build up, saving a few pounds every month.

6. Take Lunches to Work
If you eat near your place of work, you’re probably spending more than you have to, and probably not getting anything like the value or nutrition you could get if you packed your own lunches. Bringing food to work can save hundreds of pounds a year and help you stick to a healthier diet to boot. It does take a little extra time, but the rewards are well worth it.

7. Entertain at Home

Drinking in pubs is an expensive proposition, but sometimes you want a change of scenery. If you have the space, create an area for entertaining in your own home. Keep it for special occasions and invite friends around instead of going to the pub. You’ll save not only on drinks and snacks but also on transportation.

8. Turn Down the Thermostat
According to the Energy Saving Trust, setting your thermostat just one degree lower can save you up to £60 a year. In most cases, you won’t even notice the difference in temperature. If you do, it will be small enough that you can easily make it up simply by putting on a jumper.

9. Cook in Bulk
Another way of avoiding waste in the kitchen is to prepare multiple meals at the same time. If you cook in bulk, you can make several servings at one time and freeze the excess. Not only does this reduce waste, it means that on an evening when you can’t find the time to cook, you’ll heat up some of your frozen meals rather than ordering a takeaway or eating out.

10. Check Your Insulation
Poor insulation means wasted energy on heating. Even without doing major DIY, you can save some money by making sure that loose doors have draught excluders, your boiler has a new insulation jacket, and your curtains are drawn during the evenings.

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  2. Definitely agree with #8! Also, consider installing a smart thermostat – you know, the kind that can automate the raising/lowering of your heating temp throughout the day as you go off to work and school. Heating an empty house is a huge (but common) waste of energy!

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