A Much Needed Holiday

Written in collaboration with Marsdens Cottage Holidays


Husband and I had lived together for about 8 months when we decided that we wanted to get a dog and after a little bit of research, we adopted Chuck from a local shelter. He’d been pushed from pillar to post and was literally on his last chance before the local pound would send him to be put to sleep. As a result, we promised that we’d never leave him in kennels without us and we never have, but this means now that we have Sausage is that we’ve never been able to take her on a proper holiday.

She’s got to an age now where she’s started asking about holidays and we’ve decided that we need to find a way to take both her and Chuck for a nice break. We recently found Marsdens Cottage Holidays¬†online and are thinking about booking a cottage for us all to go to – lots of their Devon based cottages allow pets to be brought along and knowing that we could get away without having to leave Chuck would be absolutely amazing.

The Devon countryside would be the perfect place for us, as a family, to visit; Chuck would absolutely love all of the open space and Sausage would be able to visit some of the gorgeous local beaches. Husband and I would love to visit Dartmoor and see the wild English landscapes and just getting out of our little house would do us all the world of good.

Self-catering would be a really good option for us too, as we could please ourselves in terms of mealtimes. It also keeps the cost of a holiday down if you can do a food shop for essentials, saving money for day-trips and expeditions to the local pubs – of which I’m sure there’d be many!

A cottage holiday would be ideal after the baby is born, too, as we’d be able to have a nice relaxed holiday and not have to worry about her crying and disturbing other people, like we would if we were at a hotel. Lots of the cottages have hot tubs, too, so I’m sure we’d manage to fill our evenings with plenty of relaxation!

Do you have any experience of holidaying in the UK or specifically Devon, especially in a rented cottage? Have you even taken pets away with you? Do let me know, I’d love to hear about it.

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