The issue of care homes is one that needs to be treated with care and respect, as it’s a subject that many families every year have to consider with elderly parents. Care homes are a necessary part of society for those people who are unable to look after themselves, or whose families are unable to look after them. There are companies alike to care for family that offer help to the elderly or those in need in their own home, but those who need extra support tend to opt to move to a care home.

It’s the role of the staff who work in care homes to look after the residents or ‘clients’ day and night, attending to their needs and keeping families informed of any issues. The aim of a care home is to replicate the family home environment in an engaging and comfortable space, providing meals, washing assistance, dietary care and a variety of other personal needs.

Specialised Care Homes


There are also specialised care homes that not only look after the elderly, but care for people with mental and physical ailments such as dementia. The dementia condition is continuing to affect thousands of elderly people every year, and as such specialist care homes provide specific welfare duties for residents and families.

To get an idea of the correct care home you should browse around first, make regular visits to different homes before you decide to commit to anything.  Websites like can give you an idea of what sort of care your loved ones will receive, but it is always best to see the environment for yourself.

Choosing A Dementia Care Home


 The dementia sufferer will need to be assessed by someone from your local services before you will be able to start looking at specialised care homes, and this is because local authorities contribute to the care of the elderly. Sometimes dementia sufferers don’t need residential care, meaning there are other options available such as home visits.  Additionally, once social services have completed their assessment about the level of care needed, they will work with you to find the right care home.

The Location

The location of a care home for someone with dementia is very important, as you’ll want them to be as close to family and friends as possible. You’ll also want to consider whether the area has shops, leisure facilities and other places that will be easily recognisable for the sufferer. If your parent follows any religious practice or beliefs, you’ll want to know if the care home will also meet these needs, such as taking your loved one to the local church, temple or mosque.

The Opinion of the Residents


One of the best ways to gauge the level of care and service a dementia care home provides is to ask the opinion of the residents and their families. You’ll want to ask questions about the entertainment and social aspects of the care home, as well as the quality of food and comfort of the rooms. If there’s anything specific you would like to know, don’t hesitate to take a tour of the home yourself!