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Brightening Up a Kids Room

We’ve recently been on a mission to give Sausage a Big Girl’s Room; we’ve been upgrading her furniture by replacing hers with someĀ beautiful girls bedroom furniture online, starting by swapping herĀ canvas wardrobe with a smart, 3-door white one with lots of shelves and hanging spaces, as well as getting her a proper wooden desk and pink swivel chair to replace her old plastic toddler desk and adding various storage solutions to the room.

All of this is great and there are touches of colour here and there, but her room is white (we aren’t allowed to paint) and much of her furniture is white too, meaning that the room looks a little bit sterile for such a vibrant little lady. I’ve been thinking about ways that we can brighten the room up without breaking the bank and without making any permanent changes of which our landlord might not approve and I’ve settled on the idea of some brightly coloured soft furnishings.

I found a site which sells some gorgeous items, such as cushions, rugs and doorstops, so I thought I’d show you my favourite from the bunch:

Ollie and Leila soft furnishings

Smartie Mix Cwtchy cushion

Petals single quilt

Ellie single duvet set

Strawberry Doorstop

Apple Doorstop

I love how all of the items I’ve chosen are both cute and cool, whilst being fairly timeless – I could just as easily imagine all of the items in a 5 year olds bedroom as I could in a 15 year olds bedroom, so everything would last well as she grows up. The other nice thing about using soft furnishings is that if we move in the future, everything can be taken with us and Sausage can feel comfortable in her new bedroom with all of her familiar things around her.

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