Written in collaboration with LA Fitness

I never thought I’d say this but pregnancy has actually helped me to lose weight. Being diabetic and pregnant means that I have to keep a close eye on what I eat and although I’m not making a conscious effort to ‘diet’, my sensible eating has meant that rather than gaining baby weight, I’ve actually managed to lose some. It’s made me realise that once the baby is here, eating sensibly won’t be that hard, so I’m determined to make the most of my new found eating habits and regain something akin to a decent figure once the baby is born.

Post baby body

Every year, I make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and I never really mean it, always choosing to remain sedentary and hooked on junk food, but this time I’ve had a real kick-start and although I can’t do much exercise at the moment because of the pelvic girdle pain, I’m raring to go once the baby arrives in the new year.

I’m lucky enough to have a few gyms close to my house, and I’ll be kicking off my mission with an LA Fitness Gym Trial. The excellent thing about LA Fitness is that I can use the membership at several different centres around the country, so even though we’re planning more travel as a family next year, I’ll still be able to visit a gym if there’s one nearby.

As well as all of the usual gym facilities (plus a sauna and steam room – YES PLEASE!) our local branch has a pool and my poor, SPD addled pelvis will really benefit from the sort of high-burn, low-impact exercise that swimming provides.

I’ve also realised that the older I get, the more realistic I am about my body – I spent most of my twenties coveting the body that I had when I was 21 but now that I’m approaching thirty, I realise that I’m probably not going to have that body again; I’ll have had two children by then and years of overeating behind me, so I’ve adjusted my expectations and I’m finally content with the idea of a slimmer, post-two-kids version of me!

Obviously, with another baby coming along after Christmas, funds will be tighter than they were before but I reckon that by eating less takeaways and using the car less, I can easily justify the cost of a gym membership in our budget, and I reckon more people could afford it that they realise, if they were to just make a few changes.

Lots of people gain weight over Christmas, but I have the added advantage of simply not being able to indulge in all of the usual sweet treats that I’d be indulging in every year, as it’s not just me who’d be at risk, but the baby too, so I’m hoping to come out of the other side of the festive period with no excess weight and a new found love of healthy eating…wish me luck!