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I love a good bit of technology, especially one that makes my life a bit easier, which is why when Nestle Fitness got in touch and asked me to write about their tweeting bra, I was well and truly intrigued! A built-in low voltage Bluetooth unit is installed within the hook of the Tweeting Bra. Each time Greek celebrity Maria Bakodimou unhooks the bra, a signal is sent to the phone with the designated @TweetingBra account and a tweet is posted to remind their followers about the monthly self-exam.

As a woman, I try to remember to self-check my breasts as often as possible, but it’s definitely something that I should do more often, and I know I’m not alone in that, so I’m sure there are millions of women who could do with a reminder – which equates to thousands of women who could be saved by catching breast cancer in its earliest stages.

A couple of years after Sausage was born, I had a lump in my boob myself. I thought I’d go to the G.P. and they’d tell me it was nothing, but they were concerned about what they felt and referred me to the breast unit at my local hospital. Mercifully, the appointment came through quickly so I didn’t have to wait for too long and after being seen by a consultant they decided that the lump was nothing to worry about. Lumps can be caused by hormonal changes, which is what they concluded had caused mine, but getting it checked AS SOON as you spot it is absolutely vital.

Cancer is never the easiest topic to talk about – if I’m honest, I don’t even like saying or typing the word, but the more we face up to the dangers, the more chance we have of beating it.


Some facts you may not have known about breast cancer:

+ Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK. Around 55,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer each year – of these about 400 are men (source:
+ Around 50,000 women and 400 men are diagnosed with breast cancer each year
+ One woman in eight will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. Women diagnosed with breast cancer are now twice as likely to survive the disease for at least ten years than those diagnosed forty years ago.
+ More people are surviving breast cancer than ever before
+ Over 80% of women with breast cancer are still alive five years after diagnosis
+ 40 years ago, the five year survival rate for breast cancer was around 50 per cent
+ People are surviving longer thanks to advances in research, new treatments, earlier diagnosis, breast screening and breast cancer awareness.

If you’d like to learn more about the Tweeting Bra, go to the Tweeting Bra Website, or follow on Twitter to get reminders straight to your timeline, and get involved using the #tweetingbra hashtag.

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Win a Christmas Meat Hamper with Mum’s the Word and Bespoke Offers!

Everyone needs a little helping hand in the run-up to Christmas, so here at Mum’s the Word, we’ve got together with the lovely folk at Bespoke Offers to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a Donald Russell Ultimate Christmas Box (worth £69) plus 4 smoked salmon packs as a bonus. Here’s what the box contains: • 1 Loué Bronze Turkey, free-range and kitchen-ready (minimum weight 5kg/feeds 6-8 people) • 1 pack of smoked dry cured streaky bacon (minimum weight 200g) • 1 pack of pork sausage meat (minimum weight 450g) • 8 pigs in blankets (minimum weight 315g) • 1 Mosimann’s Christmas pudding (minimum weight 730g) • 4 packs of smoked salmon (pack weight 140g) Christmas Box If you haven’t heard of Bespoke Offers before, it’s the new service from Barclaycard which gives you hundreds of great offers on one site, and you don’t even need to be a Barclaycard customer, you just have to be over 18 and a UK resident to use it. There are some brilliant things on offer at the moment, from jewellery to homewares to electrical gifts, experience days and much more. I rather fancy the spa day for two, myself! To be in with a chance of winning, simply fill in the Rafflecopter widget below (give away ends 8th December 2013):a Rafflecopter giveaway

Win competitions at

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Pregnancy Hormones: Diary of an Unhinged Fatty

onedoesnotsimplyI’m almost 25 weeks gone now and the last few days have brought a new development in my pregnancy.

I’ve turned into an emotional wreck.

Okay, so anyone who knows me well enough will know that I’m not exactly the most…stable person at the best of times, but this is like some whole new level of emotional turbulence. Let me give you an example: yesterday, Husband and I were standing at the queue in Waitrose and there was a man, probably in his late seventies or early eighties, in front of us waiting to be served. The contents of his basket were a single serve apple crumble and a Radio Times. Upon seeing the loneliest collection of items ever, I proceeded to burst into tears in the middle of the supermarket. The thought of this poor old man, sitting alone with only the TV for company, eating his apple crumble made my heart hurt. I felt terrible for crying, though I’m pretty sure he didn’t see my woeful sobbing, but I just couldn’t help it.

It’s not just sadness that gets me, either. I’ve written before about how people’s lack of manners gets to me, especially when driving, but that seems to have escalated now too. I gave way to three people in a row the other day, two of whom failed to thank me, and I felt so cross about their ignorance that I could feel my pulse in my fingers. I sat in my car thinking (amongst plenty of words beginning with ‘f’ and ‘c’ that I won’t write here…) that I genuinely hoped every single one of those people tripped on their seatbelt on the way out of their cars and knocked their front teeth out. I was SEETHING.

As I said, I’m not exactly a measured person at the best of times – I’m a bit of a match-head (can I blame my ginger genes for that? They do say redheads are more fiery and my Dad is as red and fiery as they come!) and do tend to react before I properly absorb a situation, but it’s like that side of my personality had been amplified by a thousand times.  I keep thinking of that quote from Fight Club…”I am Jack’s raging bile duct”

I’m fairly sure it’s the pregnancy hormones doing it to me, and they aren’t going away any time soon – I’ve got 13 weeks left of being a human incubator, so I’m guessing there’s going to be plenty more tears and rage between now and the end of February.

If anyone has any tips with how I can ride this roller-coaster without losing my mind completely, I’d be really grateful for the advice. And do me a favour, don’t suggest “The Little Book of Calm”; my love of Black Books has rendered me terrified of tiny tomes.


New Years Eve: What Should I Do?

Christmas is almost upon us and we’re all turning our thoughts to how we’re going to make the festive season special this year. We’re lucky enough that we have a lot of family around us, so the main days of Christmas are filled with family, fun and food, but by the time New Year comes around, we’re often feeling a little flat and unsure of what to do with ourselves. I discovered recently that Butlins offers New Years breaks, which could be a great way to extend the festivities and keep everyone happy.

They’ve thought of everything too, even offering a Christmas Panto (Oooh, yes they are!) as well as Ice Rinks, Christmas arts and crafts, plus a Winter Wonderland and Skyline Snowstorm, which will make your stay really special. Here’s a table which shows what an average weekend at Butlins could be like for your family over the Christmas period:


I must say, after the madness of Christmas and Boxing Day, the thought of getting away and letting someone else do all of the cooking and bed-making is seriously appealing. The really impressive thing is that prices start at just £39 per person, depending on which site you visit, and that includes all of the activities above with a red ‘thumbs up’ symbol next to them.

Sausage has only ever done ‘fake’ ice-skating; there’s a soft play centre near us with a kind of acrylic ice rink which is okay, but it doesn’t really give you that authentic ice skating experience, so I reckon she’d absolutely love to visit Butlins for their rinks, as well as all of the other activities on offer. I must admit, the Christmas Arts and Crafts sound like something that I’d  like to do, let alone Sausage!

For more information about Festive breaks at Butlins, please click on the link above.

Butlin's-logo-1 (2)

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Christmas Gift Ideas – Igloo Kids

One of the shops that I recently discovered is Igloo Kids. They have a gorgeous range of kids clothing, but they also sell toys, craft kits, back to school stuff and much more besides, so if you’ve got a lot of children to buy for this year you could kill a lot of birds with one stone buy checking this site out! Here are some of my favourite picks from the site:

Girls Clothes

Igloo Kids Girls Clothes
The girls clothes on the site are so different to what you’d see on the high street. There a real feel of quality across the Igloo range and the styles manage to be chic without being too grown up. Sausage looks amazing in jade green because of her red hair and pale skin, so she’d look gorgeous in the things that I’ve chose here.

Boys Clothes

Igloo Boys Clothes
I don’t often look at little boys’ clothes, given that I only have a girl, but I love the smart casual selection of clothes I’ve chosen here. I think what I’ve picked would look great at the family dinner on Christmas day, but would still allow a little boy to run around and have fun in that way that little boys love to do.

Igloo Toys

Igloo Toys
I was really impressed with the toys on the site – the grand piano is so cool with the colourful spots! Sausage would love the pink pram, she’s become crazy about anything baby-related now that she has a sister on the way and I love all of the kits for craft and science, which allow kids to have fun while learning. Although, I say “kids”, what I really mean is me…I SO want a lava lamp kit!