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Pregnancy Hormones: Diary of an Unhinged Fatty

onedoesnotsimplyI’m almost 25 weeks gone now and the last few days have brought a new development in my pregnancy.

I’ve turned into an emotional wreck.

Okay, so anyone who knows me well enough will know that I’m not exactly the most…stable person at the best of times, but this is like some whole new level of emotional turbulence. Let me give you an example: yesterday, Husband and I were standing at the queue in Waitrose and there was a man, probably in his late seventies or early eighties, in front of us waiting to be served. The contents of his basket were a single serve apple crumble and a Radio Times. Upon seeing the loneliest collection of items ever, I proceeded to burst into tears in the middle of the supermarket. The thought of this poor old man, sitting alone with only the TV for company, eating his apple crumble made my heart hurt. I felt terrible for crying, though I’m pretty sure he didn’t see my woeful sobbing, but I just couldn’t help it.

It’s not just sadness that gets me, either. I’ve written before about how people’s lack of manners gets to me, especially when driving, but that seems to have escalated now too. I gave way to three people in a row the other day, two of whom failed to thank me, and I felt so cross about their ignorance that I could feel my pulse in my fingers. I sat in my car thinking (amongst plenty of words beginning with ‘f’ and ‘c’ that I won’t write here…) that I genuinely hoped every single one of those people tripped on their seatbelt on the way out of their cars and knocked their front teeth out. I was SEETHING.

As I said, I’m not exactly a measured person at the best of times – I’m a bit of a match-head (can I blame my ginger genes for that? They do say redheads are more fiery and my Dad is as red and fiery as they come!) and do tend to react before I properly absorb a situation, but it’s like that side of my personality had been amplified by a thousand times.  I keep thinking of that quote from Fight Club…”I am Jack’s raging bile duct”

I’m fairly sure it’s the pregnancy hormones doing it to me, and they aren’t going away any time soon – I’ve got 13 weeks left of being a human incubator, so I’m guessing there’s going to be plenty more tears and rage between now and the end of February.

If anyone has any tips with how I can ride this roller-coaster without losing my mind completely, I’d be really grateful for the advice. And do me a favour, don’t suggest “The Little Book of Calm”; my love of Black Books has rendered me terrified of tiny tomes.

15 thoughts on “Pregnancy Hormones: Diary of an Unhinged Fatty

  1. My family members all the time say thyat I am killing my time here at web, however I know I am getting experience daily by reaing such good articles or reviews.

  2. Seriously, will you marry me please? You manage to nod your head at The Lord of The Rings and reference Fight Club and Black Books, all in one blog post! You lady, are awesome. That is all!

  3. I was exactly the same. That isnt very helpful is it?! I guess you just have to accept it, and try not to add to it by worrying about it! And avoid soppy films… xx

  4. Oh brings it all back to me! It was adverts that did me in, and I was a Media Studies teacher during my first pregnancy, teaching Advertising lots. I just used to joke about it and warn kids in my classes it could happen, they thought it was brilliant.

  5. This made me smile – lots, as I look back to my TWIN pregnancy 6 years ago and was what possibly could be classed as an Alpha nutter when it came to pregnancy emotional turmoil.
    What I did to help myself, because trust me I was bad, was to imagine I would be passing on my rage/sadness/hate/addyourownword to my unborn babies through my blood and skin and that helped me get a grip because I certainly didn’t want to give birth to two little manic nutters like myself but I wanted to calm, sweet sleepers.
    That was all it took to rein in my emotions every time, hope it helps you too xx

  6. oh Jayne i feel like this at least once a momth when i have my period – all irational, shouting one minute and then close to tears the next (hug). Bloomin’ hormones they have a lot to answer for! still the good thing is that your hormones will result in a beautiful baby girl soon 🙂
    i would reccomend as Molly said, a relaxing bath, maybe find some quiet time to watch a good film (which might allow you to cry and get those tears out fully), some chooclate / cake/both if you are feeling really messed up (lol) and lots of hugs and kisses from sausage.

  7. We need to find you a big stick and paint the word RAGE on it, and a fluffy unicorn pillow. Then every time you get irked you can beat the crap out of the pillow and have a little weep into it – I might try that myself, and I’m not even pregnant 😉

  8. I’m like this even when I’m not pregnant! But you are right, your emotions are magnified due to all the hormones rushing around. Take some deep breaths and try to remember that the man with apple crumble might have been buying it for someone else or as a treat whilst his partner is away visiting family… or carry a large pack of tissues around with you until this phase passes x

  9. I was the exactly the same when pregnant with my son, who is now 4. I would love to tell you that the emotional tap turned itself off after he was born, but I definitely still get more upset over smaller things now than I did before having a child. I can cry over something on the TV and I was also moved to tears by an old man in a supermarket just a few months ago. Flipping hormones x

  10. Oh I feel for you I really do! You need to remember that you are doing an amazing job; growing and baby whilst trying to juggle another child and house, life and everything else. Your hormones are bound to be all over the place and I was the same with all my pregnancies – I could have been a walking advert for Kleenex! Take it easy and eat chocolate xx

  11. Oh I know EXACTLY what you mean – I was the same when pregnant (and continue to be so when I’m uber tired too). It might not be your thing, but I found Yoga really helpful for calming me down. I also listened to quite a few relaxation videos on Youtube, especially when I felt a bit panicky and stressed. Nice baths also helped, with essential oils (I can’t remember off the top of my head which ones specifically are great for pregnancy but I’m sure Google can tell you). And you know sometimes, there’s nothing for it but a really big cry. It’s cathartic you know. x

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