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Christmas Gift Ideas – Igloo Kids

One of the shops that I recently discovered is Igloo Kids. They have a gorgeous range of kids clothing, but they also sell toys, craft kits, back to school stuff and much more besides, so if you’ve got a lot of children to buy for this year you could kill a lot of birds with one stone buy checking this site out! Here are some of my favourite picks from the site:

Girls Clothes

Igloo Kids Girls Clothes
The girls clothes on the site are so different to what you’d see on the high street. There a real feel of quality across the Igloo range and the styles manage to be chic without being too grown up. Sausage looks amazing in jade green because of her red hair and pale skin, so she’d look gorgeous in the things that I’ve chose here.

Boys Clothes

Igloo Boys Clothes
I don’t often look at little boys’ clothes, given that I only have a girl, but I love the smart casual selection of clothes I’ve chosen here. I think what I’ve picked would look great at the family dinner on Christmas day, but would still allow a little boy to run around and have fun in that way that little boys love to do.

Igloo Toys

Igloo Toys
I was really impressed with the toys on the site – the grand piano is so cool with the colourful spots! Sausage would love the pink pram, she’s become crazy about anything baby-related now that she has a sister on the way and I love all of the kits for craft and science, which allow kids to have fun while learning. Although, I say “kids”, what I really mean is me…I SO want a lava lamp kit!

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