Post Commissioned by Vertbaudet

Letters to Santa

The lovely people at Vertbaudet¬†are helping little ones get well and truly into the Christmas spirit by offering a series of templates on their site which you can print off and give to them to help them let Santa know exactly what they want for Christmas this year. There are three to choose from, with gorgeous illustrations ranging from a snowman to a beautifully bedecked tree, or even a pile of presents which are just asking to be coloured in by your little Christmas artistes! Also, if you share your lists on any of Vertbaudet’s social media channels, you might just get a little treat…

I’m a huge fan of Christmas. I wasn’t so much when I was a kid, as I remember a lot of stress and angst in the lead up, with inevitable drama on the day, be it over burnt birds or soggy Brussels Sprouts, but now that I’m a Mum I really enjoy injecting the magic into the festive period for Sausage. She’s still young enough to buy into the magic of Christmas and will excitedly leave mince pies and brandy out for Santa, plus a carrot for the Reindeer (although how Ol’ Beardy manages to fly the sleigh straight after 3 million snifters of the strong stuff, I’ll never know!).

Sausage has been keeping a list of what she wants for Christmas for some time now, in a two-fold effort – a) for my sanity because when it gets to around September-time and the inevitable “Mum, I really want…” starts, I can say “Well, add it to your list for Santa!” and b) because when it gets to the time that relatives start asking what she wants, I can give them definite answers, rather than plucking ideas out at random!

This year, all of the grown-ups in our family are doing a Secret Santa, which means that we’ll all have one present to open on Christmas day (and our shopping this year should be a whole lot easier too!) and we can focus on the kids, who will no doubt have mountainous piles of their own to conquer.

Being pregnant means I won’t be the one polishing off Santa’s brandy on Christmas Eve, after Sausage goes to bed, but I’ll definitely be getting my chops around a mince pie or two…not too many though, I’ll still be on my low GI diet, even on the big day, so no Quality Street for me this year! I’m considering keeping a few Christmas treats back and indulging once the baby is born – two Christmases might be a little bit excessive though, don’t you think?!