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Tesco Boost Christmas Wish List

We’re big fans of Tesco Clubcard in this house, having used our points in the past to exchange for vouchers for various things, from furniture to days out, so it’s great to see that Tesco is doing Tesco Clubcard Boost for the festive season, allowing you to exchange your vouchers for more to spend on selected items. Every £5 of Clubcard vouchers will buy you £10 of Clubcard Boost vouchers,  and there’s a whole load of great items to spend them on.

Tesco asked me if I’d like to put together a wish-list of things that the Mum’s the Word family would like for Christmas, so here’s what us 4 (soon to be 5!) would like:


Kenwood Chef

I know it’s probably not very feminist to ask for a kitchen appliance for Christmas, but I think feminism is about the freedom to be yourself, so what I really want for Christmas is this Kenwood Chef (£239.00). I love baking and this would be perfect for that and I fully intend for the baby to eat the same as us once she’s weaned, so I’ll be doing a lot of blending next year, making this the perfect appliance for me.


Canon EOS 60D

My Husband has a really good eye for photography – you could give us the same cameras, same lighting and the same thing to shoot and his photos would still come out a thousand times better than mine, so I’d love him to have a really awesome camera to use. I know lots of people who recommend the Canon EOS 60D (£829) and as it’s part of the Tesco Boost deals, this is what I’d choose for him.


Furby Boom

If you’ve got little ones, you probably know that Furby (£49.99) is THE gift of choice this year, and Sausage is no exception. She’s been asking us for a Furby since she saw the adverts a couple of months ago and we’ve been steadfastly using the “Well, you’ll have to see what Santa brings you..” line, so this will definitely be on her list. I remember Furby when I was a kid but it’s a whole different creature now, as it can be linked with a tablet PC and controlled with an app!



When Sausage was little, we had some great toys for her, which aided physical and mental development, and as soon as I saw this Fisher-Price Discover ‘N Grow Jumperoo Bouncer (£85.00), I knew it was something that we’d want for the baby. Sausage absolutely loved being upright as much as possible and was trying to stand up from about 3 weeks old, so the new baby will probably get a real kick out of this toy, and it’s suitable from birth too, which is just fab!



Obviously, Chuck is an important part of our family, so he doesn’t get left out at Christmas. Now that he’s getting older, he needs a comfy place to sleep that’s also warm – he’s a short-haired breed so he gets chilly at night when we turn the heating off. This House of Paws Dog Bed (£74.14) would be perfect for him, giving him both comfort and warmth, and I love the tweed pattern it comes in too.

So, that’s what we’d choose – what’s on your list this year?

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  1. Nice to see the furby making a come back. My sister had one when she was younger and it scared my mum to death when one day, when my mum was home alone, this voice piped up “peekaboo I can see you!”

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