Maximising Our Space

As regular readers will know, our current situation is this: expecting a baby – live in a small house – can’t afford to move. What this means is that we’re trying to be clever about how we adjust our living environment, by maximising space and increasing our storage options. The main space we’ve been focussing on is the bedrooms, with new wardrobes for all of us, but we’ve decided to go a step further in Sausage’s room.

At the moment, she’s got a mid-sleeper bed, with a tent around the bottom, which is basically just used for shoving toys under when she’s not playing with them, and it kind of seems like wasted space. We’re thinking about replacing her bed with this mid sleeper bed:



It’s another mid-sleeper, so she’d still have the height that she likes, but the space underneath has been so cleverly utilised that Sausage would gain so much more than just a bed. She owns a massive amount of books, which she’d be able to store on the shelves, and the drawers underneath would no doubt help with the huge amount of paints, pencils and other craft supplies that she has.

The bed also has a built-in desk, which would be really handy for homework, as well as the huge amount of time that she spends drawing, and the nest part about it is that it slides away, under the desk, when it’s not in use, which would help us to save even more space.

Modular furniture like this is so practical when you have small or difficult spaces to live in and furnish, so it’s a real breath of fresh air to see furniture designed with this in mind, affording both practicality and great looking pieces which any five year old girl is sure to love. Take a look at the rest of their furniture online at Clever Clicker.


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