A few weeks ago, we gave Sausage’s bedroom a bit of a makeover; now that she’s a big girl, she needs a room befitting, so we bought her a new wardrobe and storage, as well as some pictures and a proper wooden desk with a pink swivel chair for her to use to do her homework. Of course, new furniture meant a lot of sorting out, and in the process of this I realised that my daughter owns an astounding amount of fancy dress costumes, so much in fact, that we’ve had to give it its very own storage box as there’s just not enough space for it to all hang in her wardrobe!

Whilst looking through her stash, mad as I am, I started thinking about costumes that she didn’t have, and though that I’d like to add some children’s superhero fancy dress to her collection. A couple of years ago, we had a conversation and she revealed to me that she didn’t think that girls could be superheroes, she thought it was solely the domain of males to save the world, and Husband and I embarked upon a mission to introduce her to Wonder Woman, Super Girl and the many awesome female X-Men characters that she was unaware of.

Elliots fancy dress shop in Belfast¬†offers some great options for both superhero and villain costumes (I think my favourite is the Minions costume, as we’re huge fans of Despicable Me in our house), but I’m seriously considering investing in a Super Girl costume for my little hero, so give her a sense of empowerment. That’s what super heroes should be about, as far as I’m concerned – a regular person who’s able to do masses of good for the world with their individual strengths. Maybe the ‘S’ on the front of the costume could stand for ‘Sausage’?!