New Look Parka

Commissioned Post

Last time I was pregnant, it was the height of summer. Sausage was born in August and we had a pretty decent amount of sun that year, but if you’ve never been pregnant when it’s 28 degrees outside, I cannot begin to describe the discomfort factor to you. Aside from being the size of an 8-berth caravan, sweat, swollen hands and ankles and overheating were all an issue for me (I’m conjuring up a SUPER attractive image for you, right?!), and that was before you even considered the thought of what to wear. I didn’t want to spend a load of money on maternity clothes, so I made-do with some floaty dresses and tops for the last few weeks, until I could fit back into my old clothes.

When I found out I was pregnant this time, I was almost overjoyed at knowing that I’ll be at my biggest during the cold months, when I can wrap up in warm clothes and masses of layers, and not have to worry about the heat.

That was, until I thought about coats. What the heck sort of coat is going to fit around a bump!?

Maternity coats are great, but I’d love something that I can wear after the baby is born too. Husband helpfully suggested that I buy an over-sized parka with a drawstring waist. That way, it should cover me and the bump when the weather gets really cold, as well as being able to be drawn in when my waistline (hopefully!) shrinks, post-birth. I love the idea of a parka – the furry hood really appeal to me and they’re casual enough to wear on a day-to-day basis, with jeans and boots. I’m also a lover of pockets, and parkas tend to have them in abundance, making them perfect for my keys and phone.

Where you pregnant in the winter? What sort of coat did you wear? Any tips for a soon-to-be massive mum?! Let me know!